Fyre Festival Is Coming Back With Ridiculously Priced Tickets, So Here Are 27 Things You Totally Forgot Happened At The Original Festival

In case you didn't know, Fyre Fest is coming back!

the founder stepping out of a taxi
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Yes, that shitshow of a "festival" in the Bahamas, responsible for this iconic cheese sandwich!

The dinner that @fyrefestival promised us was catered by Steven Starr is literally bread, cheese, and salad with dressing. #fyrefestival pic.twitter.com/I8d0UlSNbd

— Tr3vor (@TrevorDeHaas) April 28, 2017

Twitter: @TrevorDeHaas

Well, FYRE is coming back and tickets are very expensive.

fyre ticket pre sale

The first 100 tickets apparently sold out at $499 each, and others are supposed to go on sale soon.

web page with the ticket selection sold out

Because I kind of forgot some of the deets, let's take a look at some original artifacts from this colossal failure.

1.Let's rewind back to April 2017. People were just a few days out from the festival and very excited about the lineup.

2.As this person appropriately said before boarding their flight: "YOLO."

3.If you remember, people were already skeptical. The @FyreFraud page was documenting deleted Instagram comments on the official IG page. Shit was brewing.

4.Still, though, people were ready...or so they thought.

5.They boarded planes to the Bahamas: "Getting Fyre fly ready for flight!!!"

6.Things were already off to a rough start when they arrived at their "luxury transport" on school buses: "We had to get off at one point so it could make it up a hill."

7.They eventually made it, and this is what they saw:

8.These were the lockers:

9.These were the bathrooms:

10.And these were the "accommodations":

11."The doors didn't even close," this person said.

12.People had to fight for their life to get their luggage from giant shipping containers.

13.Now let's talk about the food.

14.The food court was BLEAK.

15.I think I see a giant bag of raw carrots in the background.

16.And this was THE cheese sandwich seen round the world.

17.People were losing their phones.

18.This person called out for help from the US Embassy.

19.And this person said they needed therapy.

going to spend a lot of money on therapy in the following weeks to come

20.Meanwhile, the stage was set... but no one was there to play because all of the musicians canceled.

21.For those who survived that first harrowing night, the next morning was rough.

Twitter: @Rosario_609

22.This was the "VIP breakfast":

plate of waffles and sausage

23.By then, the medical team vanished.

medical tent

24.People tried to leave and got locked in the airport.

chains on the door

25.And it was basically complete chaos.

26."My stomach is eating itself," this person said.

The lucky survived*.

man standing in front of a sirius xm step and repeat

*There were no deaths lol.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

27.The only thing they have left, quite literally, are their wrist bands.

Good luck to everyone going to the next one!