Fursac Men’s Fall 2024

Creative director Gauthier Borsarello continued to imbibe Fursac with youthful energy and elevated positioning, gleaning inspiration this season from soccer, a sport he’s recently come to love.

“It is the only thing that federates all men in the world — there is no discrimination. It is really pure. On the field, it’s only superstars,” said Borsarello.

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There was a mash-up of other ideas, too, including Liam Gallagher, Blur, The Verve, Patrick Dewaere, Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch,” African immigrants in French suburbs and The Haçienda nightclub. He homed in on 1978 to 1982, thus the light flares and big puffer silhouettes.

This strong collection, coming in the brand’s 50th year, includes what a guy might wear to a game — a striped sports shirt in cotton jacquard, shearling jacket with yellow trim or a pink fluffy coat. There also was workwear and some fancy sartorial jackets, in case one visits a nearby funfair. The tailored suiting, “with a snatched vibe,” was what a manager might sport.

Borsarello always adds a dash of a western cowboy details, nodding to Americana. He has introduced a subtle logo to the brand — two Fs mirroring each other side by side.

“We are building the vintage of tomorrow,” said Borsarello.

It’s his fifth collection and fourth time on the official schedule with Fursac. The brand recently underwent a management shift. At the end of 2023, Jérémie Le Febre exited Fursac as managing director. He has been succeeded on an interim basis by Isabelle Guichot, chief executive officer of SMCP, Fursac’s parent company.

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Launch Gallery: Fursac Men's Fall 2024

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