The Full Moon in Scorpio Is a Chance to Purge Your Emotions

Full Moon Scorpio 2024 Horoscope

You're finally getting a chance to release all your pent-up emotions during this month's full moon in Scorpio. Full moons are a time for reflecting on the past and releasing the old to make way for the new. This month's full moon in Scorpio is the first new moon or full moon we've had outside of the chaos of eclipse season, which lasted for an entire month, and that will play into the energy unfolding under this lunation. Now that we've passed through the eye of the storm and made some big decisions regarding our romantic boundaries, co-dependent habits, self-expression, and the rebalancing of responsibility, the full moon in Scorpio is stirring up an emotional purging that will help reflect this new way of living.

When Is the April Full Moon in Scorpio?

The full moon in Scorpio will reach its peak on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, at 7:49 p.m. EST.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Full Moon

Every month, the moon completes a journey through all eight lunar phases, ushering small but powerful changes to the energy of our daily lives. Each moon phase has a specific meaning—and the monthly full moon is when this cycle reaches its fullest and brightest point, which gives it such immense power. During a full moon, emotions run high, and you might feel greater awareness or clarity about feelings and situations that are causing you confusion or stress. This time is good for illuminating areas of our lives that need attention or resolution and revealing information that can help us make more aligned decisions.

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What to Expect From April's Full Moon in Scorpio

The monthly lunar cycle typically follows a predictable pattern, guiding us through the ebbs and flows of our emotions. But last month's astrology threw us for a loop, disrupting our usual rhythms in a major way. Before we can fully embrace the grounding and stabilizing vibes of Taurus season, which starts a few days before the full moon graces us on April 23, 2024, we'll have to confront some big triggers for our trauma that will spark even bigger transformation. And if that weren't enough, Mercury will be in the final degrees of its three-week retrograde journey, giving you a final chance to cut the cord tethering you to your past. Nestled between these two cosmic shifts is this month's full moon—and it's creating several fated aspects. Here's what you should expect.

A Dynamic T-Square Will Cause Tension and Power Struggles

During the full moon in Scorpio, the sun and moon will form a powerful t-square aspect with Pluto in Aquarius, adding to the edginess of the day's energy. A t-square is an astrological chart pattern that occurs when two planets oppose one another while squaring a third planet at the pattern's apex. Both oppositions and squares are considered challenging aspects to manage, meaning the stand-off between our hearts (sun), our emotions (moon), and ego death (Pluto) are all fighting for control. This month's full moon has you searching for a sense of stability and security after a crazy eclipse season shook up your foundations. To do that, you must confront the fear holding you back.

Pluto in Aquarius is Destroying All Your False Illusions and Fears

Pluto in Aquarius is a major player during this month's full moon. This celestial destroyer sits at the apex of a tense T-square during the full moon, making the conflict between the sun and moon more explosive than usual. Expect to feel conflicted between your desire for worldly success, material security, and the calling to live a more emotionally intimate and authentic lifestyle. Pluto in Aquarius is causing the collective to examine the false beliefs or perceptions we hold about ourselves that aren't based on reality. Fears often stem from our false illusions, hindering us from reaching our full potential. This month's full moon presents an opportunity to dismantle these mirages and move closer to the truth.

A Rare Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction Wants You to Break Free

April's full moon in Scorpio has one last trick up its sleeve, thanks to a rare celestial alignment between Jupiter and Uranus on the same day. Every 14 years, the planet of luck links up with the planet of radical freedom to help us break through barriers and uncover uncharted territories within ourselves. If everything feels like it's shifting and changing, it's because the stars are helping to remove the boundaries and limitations that have kept you down. You're rebelling against the systems, situations, and relationships that benefit from your self-doubt. As Jupiter aligns with Uranus, a new kind of soul transformation can occur. It's time to dream of new possibilities previously beyond your reach.

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