Frustrated mom asks Reddit if she’s wrong for telling her husband he ‘poops too much’

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There are so many different parenting styles and “types of moms” out there. While we all may differ on the annoyances and hardships that come along with parenting and having a family,  there seems to be one common denominator between most moms who are married to men: Their husbands all take forever to poop and poop at the most inopportune times of day—like when kids are having meltdowns, or it’s time to get them ready to leave the house. Who knew this annoyance would be the one thread that ties all of us moms together? Unfortunately.

One woman took to Reddit’s AITA to ask if she was, in fact, an a**hole for telling her husband he poops too much. While many husbands take their phones into the bathrooms with them (and some apparently bring headphones to listen to music and jam out) this woman brings up a good point about being concerned for his GI health.

In the woman’s original post, she shared that her husband poops several times a day, making two-to-three trips to the bathroom right after waking up and right after breakfast, and then at least three more times throughout the day.

“Each of these sessions is at least 20 minutes, and I know he is actually pooping, although he takes his phone with him (that’s not the point of this post, I don’t care about the phone),” she shared.

“When I asked him why he poops so often, he told me he feels like he’s bloated and needs to poop after each large meal,” she continued.

“Recently, I lost my patience and told him that his pooping was affecting my life and that he needs to go to a doctor because this is completely abnormal. We have a kid and I find it annoying to have to accommodate my husband’s pooping schedule among everything else we need to get done each day,” she said.

Her husband was was offended by this and said it’s normal to poop this much for the amount of food he eats. While she continues to insist that he must have some type of GI issue such as IBS, that is causing his constant need to poop, he won’t get help.

“AITA for upsetting my husband and insisting that he go to a doctor for his excessive pooping?” the concerned and frustrated mom asked Reddit.

The general consensus was she was not the a**hole, and people in the comments came to her defense.

The comment with the most upvotes—more than 38 thousand—said, “First, nobody poops for 20 minutes. He may actually go to the bathroom to poop, but if each dump is 20 minutes, he’s [screwing] around on his phone. If he is actually pooping for 20 minutes, and by that I mean actually getting his dump on with waste exiting his little bumhole, yes, he needs to see a doctor.”

“Tell him to leave his phone out of the bathroom. I guarantee his time in there lessens,” another commenter said. “Every man I’ve spoken to about bowel movements goes to the bathroom two to four times per day. I’m nearly convinced men’s intestines are built differently. But it shouldn’t be taking that long.”

Other folks in the comment section who actually suffered from GI issues came to her husband’s defense, saying that if she came at it from a place of concern instead of annoyance that he may have taken her advice and gotten checked out. But mostly, everyone thinks he’s ignoring these issues so he can take advantage of a little kid-free time on his phone.

“Sounds like he’s purposely hiding from responsibilities with the kid. Otherwise, why wouldn’t he want to go to the doctor to get better?” one person asked.

What do YOU think? And can you relate?