Fruit bowl or lamp? The $6 Kmart item sending shoppers bananas

A popular Kmart store item is both wowing and confusing shoppers after some innovative mums found a double use for the not so ordinary kitchen product.

In a bid to cover up ugly, exposed light bulbs, the creative shoppers have been using wrought-iron fruit bowls as a cheaper alternative to expensive lampshades and designer pendants – setting them back just $6.

The crafty idea caused an immediate stir online, prompting a series of social media posts where satisfied shoppers began proudly showcasing their simple home improvements.

“Took off the dodgy old light shade and replaced it with Kmart fruit bowl,” one shopper wrote after installing a silver fruit bowl in her daughter’s bedroom.

Kmart shoppers are going bananas over this fruit bowl, but not for its intended purpose. Source: Instagram/fairylightangel
Shoppers wasted no time showing off their own DIY home improvements. Source: Instagram / Jessica Molony (left) and tikihousehb (right)

“Thanks again to Kmart for their fruit bowl, makes a awesome decorative light shade,” another added.

Mother-of-three Antonietta Bergamin was blown away with the immediate improvement the fruit bowl made to her Queensland home.

“The bowl only cost $4, If I had to get a completely new fitting for the ceiling that would have involved an electrician’s cost and a light fitting — so in the vicinity of $200 or more,” she told News Corp.

Toowoomba mum Kellee Knapp went one step further and put two bowls together to create an enclosed sphere around her lounge-room light.