Frozen Tater Tots Are The Unexpected Pizza Crust You Need

frozen tater tots on platters
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If you have your heart set on pizza night but can't be bothered to make pizza dough from scratch or forgot to replenish the empty flour jar, tater tots are one of Tasting Table's many creative ways to save your dinner. In 30 minutes you can be on your way to digging into a hot slice, and your family may appreciate the creative take on a familiar favorite.

Set frozen tater tots onto a baking sheet or place them into a cast iron skillet. You'll want to be sure the tater tots you stack together are nestled closely and placed in a circular shape to resemble a pizza crust. After this first layer has been baked for 10 minutes in an oven set at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, flatten the tater tots with a kitchen utensil to create an even base to layer your favorite pizza toppings. The idea is to pack down the no-longer-frozen tater tots so that there are no gaps between the pieces. With a sturdy base in place, your pizza toppings will have less chance of seeping through or burning on the bottom of your pan or skillet.

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Delicious Fun In An Easy Recipe

tater tots pizza
tater tots pizza - _g_d_f_/Instagram

Once your makeshift crust is prepared, you can build tater tot pizzas with shredded cheese, seasoned pizza sauce, and your pizza toppings of choice. Whatever you would typically put on a homemade pizza is fair game -- pineapples, blue cheese, olives, mushrooms, proteins, or protein substitutions are all welcomed here. After your pizza is dressed to your liking, bake the compiled ingredients for an additional 10 minutes before garnishing the baked tater tots pie with your favorite pizza accouterments.

A drizzle of your favorite sauce can add an extra punch of flavor, or top your pizza creations with fresh greens or herbs picked from the garden. Finish with flaky sea salt, sprinkles of red pepper flakes, or a spoonful of capers, and this pizza will walk the line between a treat for the youngsters in your home and a fun pick-me-up for the more mature palates sitting around the dinner table. A recipe that is this fun is ideal for parties and weekday meals that need a bit of levity.

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