Froth Your Milk With A Dash Of Spice For A Next-Level Coffee

Coffee with frothy milk
Coffee with frothy milk - Kajakiki/Getty Images

Homemade coffee creamer is delicious in your morning brew, but if you like your coffee with a splash of milk, you will love it frothed and infused with some of your favorite spices. Spicing milk is not new, but it is a concept that opens the door to a lot of creativity, especially when it comes to your coffee. Simply add a pinch of your favorite spice into your milk before you froth it. As the milk and spice warm, so does the flavor. When added to your coffee, it softens the bitter taste, while adding sweet, bold, and spicy aromatic elements that are a welcome flavor upgrade for your taste buds.

The quality of your milk matters when you are warming it. Use a dairy that's high in fat and all of its natural sugars will be on full display for your mouth, but add spice and that sweetness is amplified and enhanced in a new and delicious way. You can use a single spice or multiple. For example, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove add sweet, warm, and fiery notes to your frothy milk, and in turn, to your coffee while a little vanilla bean will turn your milk into a creamy and sweet mix reminiscent of a vanilla latte.

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Spice Your Dairy Alternatives Too

Spiced milk in coffee cups
Spiced milk in coffee cups - Yumehana/Getty Images

The longer you allow the spices in your milk to steep, the more intense the flavor becomes. Simply heat your milk until it is almost steaming. Add your spices of choice, like a lovely yellow turmeric to make turmeric golden milk or some cardamon for a sweet, peppery taste, and let it soak for an hour. You can use it right away or refrigerate any leftovers for future use. Your spiced milk, which will keep for about three days, will be ready to be frothed and used in your coffee the next time you brew a pot.

If you are a fan of milk alternatives, don't worry, you can spice them as well; however, you may need to experiment to find just the right flavor combination. For example, coconut milk could be spiced with some ginger and vanilla bean while cinnamon and vanilla added to rice milk may transform your coffee into a delicious cafe horchata.

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