Frieren Beats Out FMA and Attack On Titan As Top-Rated Anime Of All Time


Beyond Journey’s End is the top-rated anime around, beating out Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan – at least, that’s what My Anime List fans say. The anime, which is still ongoing on Crunchyroll, has a 9.18 rating on the fan aggregate site and just shy of 600,000 reviews total (thanks, GamesRadar).

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That puts Frieren above the likes of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – previously the top-rated anime with a 9.09 score – Steins;Gate (9.08), and Gintama (9.06). It’s also ahead of Attack on Titan, which ranks a bit weirdly thanks to how its seasons are broken up. Season 3 Part 2, the most recent, clocks in at 9.05.

“Big deal, it’s just another popular anime,” you might say – and you’d be off the mark. For one thing, Frieren is a different kind of anime. Sure, it’s a shonen, but unlike FMA and pretty much every other Shonen, Frieren places greater emphasis on introspection and emotion. The eponymous heroine is older and wiser than most shonen protagonists, and her story is about moving on – not learning to be a hero.

Granted, the sample size of reviews is smaller compared to FMA and Steins;Gate, which have 3 million and 2.5 million reviews, respectively. Still, in a list dominated by classic anime staples including Bleach and Hunter x Hunter, Frieren’s achievement is a noteworthy one.

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