'Friends' star stops man from opening plane door mid-flight

Anita Lyons
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US actor Michael Rapaport has stopped a man from opening an emergency door mid-flight.

The Friends star (who played Phoebe’s bird–shooting boyfriend Gary) was on a flight when about an hour in, an unnamed male passenger asked directions to the bathroom.

It was then that the man attempted to open the emergency exit door.

Michael Rapaport sprung into action when a confused passenger went to open the emergency exit mid-flight. Source: Getty Images

Confirming the incident to Entertainment Tonight, a rep for the airline said that the passenger became ‘confused’ and two others jumped up to stop him.

While the airline did not confirm exactly who sprung into action, this Tweet said it all:

Michael played cop Gary in Friends. Source: Getty Images.

@MichaelRapaport just stopped a guy on our plane from opening emergency door. No joke. Mr New York jump right up and stopped it, no hesitation. Thanks Mike!!! [sic]

Michael responded with: “WTF Man? Jesus that was f****** crazy”.

According to Ted Kenney, the author of the first tweet, the A–Typical actor got up out of his seat and yelled at the passenger.

“Mike continues yelling so I jump up and rush up to Michael as does some Big 3 players,” Kenney wrote.

Michael, pictured here with friends and other passengers, took to Twitter to talk about the incident. Source: Twitter/MichaelRapaport

“I get to the bulkhead and Michael has this guy by the collar and manhandling him away from the emergency exit door,” he continued.

“Michael tells us he was trying to open the door. Crew and staff where all in the back of the plane so nobody was looking out for our safety except Mr. New York.”

The actor manhandled the passenger to stop him. Source: Getty Images

The actor took to Twitter himself and revealed the incident.

“We had an incident on the plane,” he said while someone yelled out that he was a “real hero.”

“We’re waiting for the fire marshall to come. We had a f**king incident, for real.”

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