Your Friday night playlist curated by Ivor Novello Award-winner Kamille


Kamille is the girl of the moment. Self-producing her own songs, she is a talented hit-maker who just last week became the fourth woman ever to win the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Song Collection. “I’m blown away,” she tells me, “you’re looking at the legends. I’m so honoured to even be thought of in the same light as all the greats. It’s incredible.”

But Kamille isn’t one to let things get to her head. When we call one sunny day in May, she is only 5 minutes late yet apologises profusely.  “Sorry! I was breastfeeding my baby. Go ahead darling,” she says. Oh, yeah she’s also just given birth to her first newborn child. How does she do it? I think, in awe— when I start flagging by 3pm most days. “It’s a lot. Don’t ask me how I’m doing all this, please. I’m literally, like, crazy with it right now,” she admits.

The 35-year-old star is feeling “so blessed at the moment.” Beyond the awards and accolades— of which there are many— it is the “beautiful moments at home” she says, that bring her true happiness. And it’s clear to see, because Kamille is still as radiant as ever, even after sleepless nights, moving house and releasing a new single, she beams with gratitude for everything that comes her way.

Over the past decade, she has written hit singles for the likes of besties Dua Lipa, Mabel, Little Mix, Jess Glynne and Clean Bandit to name a few.  “Working with them all was amazing. Having two songs I’d written go to number one in the space of a week was just mad.” Her latest bop being Muscle Memory, features none other than Chic’s Nile Rodgers, which just might be her most exciting collaboration as a solo artist to date.

Grammy winner Kamille (KAMILLE)
Grammy winner Kamille (KAMILLE)

Musically-gifted from an early age, Kamille grew up playing piano and performing in her local church choir in Streatham, south London. As a teen, she earned herself quite the devoted fan base and was even voted “most likely to be a famous singer at school.”

“I think everyone knew a career in music was inevitable for me, I just always had it in me,” she explains. “Music is my safe space, it never judges me. I can spend all night in the studio and never get bored. It’s the one thing that gives me the most joy ever besides my family.”

Much of her self-belief and success she attributes to her mother: “the most incredible, amazing person. She teaches me women can do anything. You can have everything, a family. You can have a career, you can have love in your life.”

Though she isn’t naive to the glass ceiling that exists in the music industry. “I’m looking to make that change myself in the industry and encourage other women to do the same and have all the things they want,” she says, without hesitation.

On a final note, I ask her if she truly believes this is possible. “Yes!” is her resounding answer, removing all doubts. “That’s why I wanted to work so hard to show everyone that you can do it. I want to really inspire women and young girls to really go for it and just do more than they ever believe that they possibly could.”

To kick off the bank holiday weekend, Kamille shares her perfect playlist for a Friday night in the city.

September - Earth, Wind & Fire

“The first song that comes to mind is September by Earth, Wind and Fire. It’s a classic! As a kid I was brought up on soul and funk and that song is just so nostalgic to me. It’s my roots and it makes me so happy. I always dance when it’s on.”

She Wants To Move - N.E.R.D

“I remember Alesha Dixon in the music video, I wanted to pretend to be her. It was just like one of those essential viral songs. When you hear the beat of the drum, it’s just gonna get you so, so, so excited. I love that song. I think that is what it means to live a good life. Just being happy. No bad vibes around you. No bad friends, no trash ex. Just happiness.”

Fly Girl - Flo ft Missy Elliott

“It’s such a girl’s anthem and they’re just the sweetest girls and are doing very well but are still so lovely and humble. I’m so proud of them and it’s just a beautiful moment whenever that song comes on the radio. I was part of the process in making that song. So I think it gives me extra energy when I hear it because I’m like, I remember when we made it! I just love being around women. I think I’m just addicted to girl chat and just being a girl’s girl, so this song is literally my vibe.”

One Dance - Drake

“The fourth one has to be Drake with One Dance. It will never stop being a banger. I think it’s just one of those songs that lasts forever. 50 years from now all our kids will be looking at us on the dance floor. That’s what their parents will still be dancing to, it’s a classic. For me, it always will be. I think it’s just one of those songs.”

Muscle Memory - Kamille

“Last one is me, Kamille. Muscle Memory, which is my new favourite song. It is literally feel-good vibes. That’s all it is. It makes you wanna dance. Even though it’s a song about missing someone, I feel so empowered. And Nile Rodgers featuring on this song is an honour.”