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Australian-based Instructor Sara Colquhoun brings a new 10-week Pilates program to the Sweat app, offering a dynamic blend of traditional and contemporary mat-based Pilates. 

From strength and conditioning, to high intensity and recovery sessions, the program aims to build core strength and mobility, while improving muscle definition and posture. 

kayla itsines and new sweat trainer sara Colquhoun
Sara Colquhoun is Sweat's newest trainer. Photo: Supplied

“​Pilates is about connecting closer with your body and investing time in your physical and mental wellbeing so that you can live the happiest and healthiest life possible," says Sara, who has over 17 years experience as an instructor.

“The program is tailored for all fitness abilities and you won’t need much space or equipment to enjoy a great workout."

Sara is the newest recruit to Sweat’s impressive team of fitness trainers including co-founder and creator of the famous BBG programs, ​Kayla Itsines​.

"Sara’s workouts will challenge and empower women to learn more about how their bodies move no matter whether they’re a beginner, someone looking for variety or a long-time Pilates fan," Kayla said.

Try one of Sara's new workouts in the video above.


15-minute Full Body Pilates Class

This class is inspired by Sara's new Pilates with Sara workout program and aims to improve your alignment and strength using simple Mat Pilates movements, providing a full body tone and helping to achieve mind and body connection.

Sara recommends taking a few minutes to warm-up prior to working out. Three to five minutes of cardio, such as jogging in place or skipping, will help increase your heart rate and help warm up your muscles for your session. Sara suggests following your cardio with dynamic stretches — such as leg swings, arm circles, and torso twists. This can help to increase your range of motion as well as help to reduce the risk of injury.

sweat pilates trainer sara Colquhoun
Sara has 17 years experience as a pilates instructor. Photo: Supplied

Thread the Needle - 60 seconds (30 secs per side)

Keep the hips square and breathe through the movement.

4 Point Hover - 60 seconds

Stabilise through the shoulders and feel your waist gently narrow.

Kneeling Swim - 60 seconds (30 secs per side)

Maintain pelvic stability and strength through your core.

Bridge - 60 seconds

Engage your hamstrings and glutes.

Single Heel Bridge & Single Leg Bridge - 120 seconds (60 seconds per side)

Maintain alignment of the knees and hips.

Chest Lift with Legs in Table Top - 60 seconds

Use the breath out to lift from the chest.

Single Leg Stretch - 60 seconds (30 secs per side)

Maintain stability through the hips.

Criss Cross - 60 seconds

Maintain stability through the hips.

Back support - 60 seconds

Open across the chest and squeeze into the glutes.

Forearm Side plank with Leg Lift & Rotation + Side Forearm Plank Isometric Hold - 120 seconds (60 seconds per side)

Lift through the underneath side of your body and breathe.

Skater Toe Touch & Scooter Toe Touch - 120 seconds (60 seconds per side)

Work on maintaining the alignment of your supporting leg.

Forearm Plank with Long-stretch - 60 seconds

Engage through your core, use the breath.

Plank Knee Taps into Pike - 60 seconds

Pull up through the shoulders and stretch the heels down

Fold Over Stretch Roll to Stand

Breathe through this movement, relaxing the muscles.

Cool Down

Sara recommends completing a cool down session after your workout.

Three to five minutes of walking will help to slowly lower your heart rate to normal levels and help your body to cool down after a workout. You might also like to complete some static stretching as part of your cool down.

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Pilates with Sara is available exclusively in the Sweat app.

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