Frank's RedHot Brings Jason Kelce To The Party For Its Super Bowl 2024 Ad

Jason Kelce wearing knit hat
Jason Kelce wearing knit hat - Perry Knotts/Getty Images

Who ever knew that being the not-quite brother-in-law of an A-Lister could be so lucrative? Okay, so Jason Kelce is fairly famous in his own right as he did or does play for the Eagles, although it looks like he might be parlaying his status as Brother of Dude Dating Taylor Swift into an entertainment career instead. While he's floated the possibility of retiring from football to move into a sports analyst role, in the meantime, he's sure keeping busy with interviews and commercials. You can hardly turn on any sports or entertainment-related programming without seeing his hipster-bearded mug. Kelce's latest venture, while not strictly football-related, involves promoting Frank's RedHot. Frank's, by extension, is at least football-adjacent because it's the semi-official sauce of Buffalo wings, which in turn are the semi-official food of football games in general.

No, Kelce did not persuade Frank's to change the name of the recipe on the bottle to Eagle wings, although this could well have happened had his team made it further into the playoffs (and maybe would have been a done deal if he himself were dating someone of superstar status). Instead, he is promoting its product in a video posted to the brand's Instagram where he does something a bit off-brand for him. Yes, you read it here first: Jason Kelce keeps his shirt(s) on for an entire 32 seconds!

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Kelce's Actually Starring In A Series Of Frank's Ads

bottles of Frank's RedHot sauce
bottles of Frank's RedHot sauce - Bloomberg/Getty Images

The video starring a shirted (and non-beer-drinking) Jason Kelce portrays him wearing a series of t-shirts which he rips off, one by one, to reveal the ingredients in a recipe for Buffalo dip made with Frank's RedHot, of course, since it's an ad for the company. (Blue cheese partisan may be disappointed that the dip calls for ranch dressing.) When he gets to the last ingredient and rips off that shirt, you might be expecting a familiar furry chest, but instead, you see a white t-shirt with the slogan, "I put that [censored by red sauce design] on everything."

This shirted Kelce ad isn't the only one he's made for Frank's. The campaign kicked off with an Instagram post where he yells about putting the sauce on "literally ev-ree-thang." (The guy grew up in Ohio and played in Philadelphia, but seems to have adopted a vaguely Southern persona.) While we doubt he uses Frank's as an engine oil additive or skin lubricant, he does splash it over cookies, yogurt, soda, and other foods not typically associated with vinegary condiments. This commercial is also serving as the basis for a Frank's-sponsored sweepstakes: Kelce's promised to douse every kind of food advertised during Super Bowl LVIII with RedHot and eat it, but entering the sweepstakes only requires using it on one kind of food (your choice). If you share a photo on Instagram and tag Frank's, you'll have a (slim) chance to win $1,000.

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