Former McDonald's Chef Reveals How to Order Secret 'Massive' Burger


Long time McDonald’s enthusiasts know that the popular fast food joint is much more than its delicious French fries and classic American cheeseburgers. Over the years, McDonald’s has been a mainstay for those looking for an affordable meal that they can rely on week after week. And while the menu prices have steadily increased over the years due to inflation, fans are still finding ways to get the absolute most out of their local McDonald’s menu.

It’s no secret that social media has heavily influenced the influx of recent so-called “menu hacks.” Whether it be the controversial “dinner box” or the extremely popular “secret brunch burger” that you’re after, McDonald’s still proves to have a menu worth tampering with if the end result is both delicious and money saving.

According to Mike Haracz, a former McDonald’s corporate chef who now makes TikTok videos online, today’s current McDonald’s menu is still capable of producing an old classic secret item that was commonly referred to as the “McGangB*ng.” In the viral video posted by Haracz recently, the former employee details a secret menu hack that combines a classic Double Cheeseburger and a McChicken patty to create a caloric dense meal for the ages.

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“It’s part of a secret menu that McDonald’s used to have, and it was much more popular when the Double Cheeseburger or the McDouble and the McChickens were on the dollar menu,” Haracz explains in his video. “You could get this massive burger and assemble it yourself for like two bucks,” Haracz continued, “It’s actually better with spicy McChicken.”

To the experienced McDonald’s connoisseur, this secret menu item might already be old news. But for the newcomers to the wild world of menu hacks, just know that part of the charm of this specific hack was the ability to spend no more than $2-3. Now that these items all cost anywhere from $2.79 to $3.65, creating the McGangB*ng is not the money saving novelty order it once was.

These days, you might be better off approaching a McDonald’s menu hack from the headspace of creativity rather than pinching pennies. You’ll end up less disappointed and more in enjoyment of putting together an off-menu secret meal.

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