Former Idol star unrecognisable after transformation

Lee Harding of Australian Idol transforms for The Voice
Former Australian Idol contestant is unrecognisable as he takes on The Voice. Photo: Getty/ Instagram

It would seem to be the year of re-birth for talent show alumni, as another jaw-dropping transformation wows Australian audiences.

After Australia’s Got Talent winner Jack Vidgen showed off a dramatic transformation in an ad for The Voice, a second star has undergone a re-brand ahead of the same show, and don’t think we haven’t noticed.

If this fresh-faced, eyeliner-loving, emo star doesn’t look familiar to you, perhaps this still from a fully sick video clip will jog your memory:

Australia Idol star Lee Harding's single Wasabi
Lee Harding's single Wasabi is a familiar anthem to many. Photo: Youtube

Lee Harding was the third runner up on season three of Australian Idol, and will forever be remembered for his hit single ‘Wasabi’ which confused, and delighted, a generation of Australians.

Well you may have to squint to recognise him now, because the singer has undergone a dramatic transformation.

These days he’s swapped the hair dye for hair length, and the eyeliner for tattoos and it has to be said he looks like a different person.

The former emo-kid has also taken on a new talent show, auditioning for the upcoming season of The Voice.

The former punk singer confirmed he had taken part in the blind auditions on this season of the talent show which will feature 10 all-stars among the general contestants.

From his Instagram announcement it’s hard to tell if it was a successful venture.

“Auditioned for The Voice this year.. eek.. haha,” he captioned the post.

It’s also unknown if he was featured as an all-star, or general participant.

What is known is that he’s made the transition to indie musician flawlessly.

I mean, check out that flowing mane and hipster beard, not to mention the Akubra indoors.

Whatever his result on The Voice, it’s a 10/10 for transformation, Lee.

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