Forget Simply Orange, Aldi Has A Copycat For Way Less

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Fans of the Simply Orange brand tend to appreciate that these juices are not made from concentrate. That's right, the sweet nectar comes straight from freshly squeezed oranges. Surprisingly, this practice is not the norm, and many mainstream juice brands opt for more complex extraction processes instead -- a lot of which don't even involve fruit at all.

Juice brands that produce beverages from real fruit often sell their products at much higher prices, so they're not always the most accessible option to buy. If you're an Aldi shopper, however, you might be in luck. The discount chain offers a close Simply Orange copycat for way less: Nature's Nectar brand of orange juice.

Nature's Nectar Orange Juice is the perfect alternative to Simply Orange. Since it's not made from concentrate, it offers you as many vitamins and antioxidants as possible -- just like the Simply Orange brand. Bonus: This juice is a much cheaper alternative, and there's a huge variety of options to choose from too. If you don't like pulp, Nature's Nectar has a no-pulp option. For fans of that extra fiber, a high pulp juice option is available too. Before heading to the store to try this brand out, it's worth considering what else Aldi shoppers like about it.

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OJ Fans Weigh In On The Nature's Nectar Brand

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Plenty of Aldi shoppers have already labeled themselves as big fans of this orange juice brand. In a Reddit thread, one satisfied Aldi customer claimed that Nature's Nectar juice was a staple in their fridge. "The plastic containers of not from concentrate orange juice are as good or better than the national brands," they said. They also mentioned just how much of a steal the juice is compared to other brands.

Another Reddit user claimed that they practically lived off of this juice saying, "I drink about 3 liters (2 bottles) of the Nature's Nectar Pulp Free OJ a week." Meanwhile, one consumer took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to write that the Aldi orange juice was better than another big orange juice brand. "Aldi orange juice is better than Tropicana don't @ me," they claimed.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Clearly, many Aldi shoppers are a fan of this juice brand for its smooth taste and affordability. And that's not even everything this juice brand has to offer.

Other Benefits Of Shopping For Nature's Nectar

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While Nature's Nectar offers a variety of pulp options, that's far from the extent of its selection. Traditional orange juice aside, an organic version is also available, as is one with added vitamin D and calcium. For fans of juice infusions, orange juice made with mango or pineapple juice is available too.

As if the variety couldn't get any better, Nature's Nectar sells its juices in three different containers: a carton, a plastic bottle, and a plastic jug. This means that there are options for everyone, whether you're trying to be more sustainable or just looking for something convenient to carry.

Not all Aldi locations stock the range of Nature's Nectar products, so check with your local store before banking on the entire selection. Whether you enjoy this orange juice on its own or use it to whip up a classic mimosa, chances are you'll agree that Nature's Nectar does a great job of standing up to Simply Orange.

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