Football Stadium Employee Offers Candid Opinion After 'Very Surreal' Taylor Swift Encounter

Taylor Swift walks off the field following the AFC Championship between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium

From the looks of it, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have much more than their dedication to their careers in common, as they both have become known for their seemingly wholesome personalities, generosity, and willingness to do a good deed or two.

The latest example of this for the "Lavender Haze" singer comes by way of a football stadium employee who was working on Sunday, Jan. 29, when the Kansas City Chiefs faced off against the Baltimore Ravens. Over the weekend, the pop star was in attendance to support her pro athlete beau, who is a record-breaking tight end for the former.

During the event, held at M&T Bank Stadium in the Maryland-based city, Swift reportedly ran into several employees, whom she decided to show extra kindness to by handing out $100 bills.

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One, in particular, who goes by drejwalker on Reddit, started a thread on the sharing platform where they detailed their experience with the musical artist at the "end of the game."

"She was feverishly thanking everyone (employees) for our help and thanked us repeatedly. A coworker got her attention by calling her name then she walked over and asked her 'Do you work here?'" the post began.

It continued: "She then announced she’d tip all of us for our service and pulled out a blue money phone inside an envelope, very modestly. She personally handed about 4 of us a blue note while thanking us before taking off. I still can’t believe it happened. We lost but what a day. Thank you Taylor!"

The result of the football face-off ended with the Chiefs coming out victorious over the Ravens with a final score of 17-10, securing themselves a spot in the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII.

But as the employee stated, at least not all was lost for some Ravens fans, as many got to meet the pop songstress and even be gifted an extra tip for the day's work.

"Wow thanks for sharing super cool to hear the details of this! We’ve heard she does this but I always wondered exactly how it goes down. Hope you treat yourself!" one comment under the post read, to which the social media user responded, "It was very surreal. She didn’t come off as inauthentic at all. She pretty much reimbursed me for the game merch lmao."

And this isn't Swift's first time completing such an act.

Just recently, stadium employee Jerris Rainey—a ticket taker at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo, New York—detailed her own encounter with the "Cruel Summer" singer during an NFL Divisional playoff game on Sunday, Jan. 21, in which she was gifted a $100 tip as well, so it seems like this is shaping up to be a trend for the 12-time Grammy winner!

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