The Foil Trick That Makes Frozen Breakfast Burritos Way Easier To Eat

foil wrapped burrito
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Burritos are tasty, filling, and can be stored in the freezer for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner whenever you're struck by an intense craving for Mexican cuisine. There are many ways to level up homemade burritos to guarantee peak deliciousness, but practical considerations are also important. For instance, when you're making breakfast burritos for the freezer, there is an easy trick that can prevent the protective foil layer from becoming stuck to tortillas when you reheat them later. Simply add a thin layer of oil to the inside of the foil, then use it to wrap the burrito. This oil makes it easier to release the foil from the tortilla and prevents tearing.

When freezing burritos, foil protects against freezer burn and prevents the burrito from absorbing any foul odors (remember that you can also eliminate refrigerator odors with a few drops of vanilla extract). Burritos should be wrapped securely in foil, then placed into a sealable plastic bag or container for greater protection. If secured correctly, burritos can be kept frozen for a maximum of six months.

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Best Practices For Freezing (And Building) Burritos

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Keep in mind that certain types of oil can alter the flavor of your breakfast burrito when employing this quick and easy trick. If you want to limit the flavor impact, choose a neutral option like canola or vegetable oil. More flavorful options include extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil. EVOO is known for its potent flavor and complex notes of grass or fruit, while avocado features a more tempered yet rich taste. For the best results, apply oil with a brush or paper towel to ensure even application.

While oiling foil prior to freezer storage is key to keeping tortillas intact, you must also exercise care when building the burrito. Remember that flour tortillas are preferred, as they're more pliable than corn versions. Also, consider this easy way to improve the flavor of store-bought burritos if you don't have time for homemade. When building the burrito, apply heat to the tortilla until its slightly warm, then add fillings to the center in a straight line. Fold the sides first and hold with your fingers, then roll the bottom upward until the burrito is secure. Oiled foil and proper burrito construction are key to keeping fillings in place and preventing a messy eating experience.

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