What Is the 'Flower of Life' and What Does it Represent? Experts Explain

Flower of life examples

The Flower of Life is something many people are curious about but it can be a bit confusing. At its core, It’s an ancient sacred symbol featuring a distinctive pattern of overlapping circles arranged in a flower-like geometry. This unique shape holds deep meaning across various spiritual traditions.

To help us understand the significance of this symbol, we consulted two experts—Letao Wang, certified spiritual counselor, founder of The Healing Kingdom and creator of the forthcoming intuitive oracle card deck, Oracle of Celestial Deities, and Tammy Mastroberte, bestselling author of The Universe is Talking to You, and The Higher Help Method. They share insights into what the Flower of Life represents and how to incorporate its energy into one's life.

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What Is the Flower of Life?

"The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol that has been revered across cultures and religions for centuries," explains Wang. "It comprises multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles arranged in a flower-like pattern with sixfold symmetry, similar to a hexagon."

Mastroberte adds, "The Flower of Life is a sacred symbol representing creation, and the complete cycle of creation. It is one of the symbols that fall under the category of 'Sacred Geometry,' and the pattern of the Flower of Life actually contains several other Sacred Geometry symbols within it."

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Flower of Life


Meaning and Symbolism of the Flower of Life

According to Wang, the Flower of Life symbolizes creation and the unity of everything. “This geometry represents the cycle of birth, and how life miraculously emerges from a seemingly chaotic void nothingness to the unified oneness,” he says.

"The Flower of Life symbolizes all creation and the cycle of creation, as well as unity and oneness," adds Mastroberte. "It can be used in manifestation to harness the energy of the Universe, and some use it as a symbol for energy protection as well.”

She also shares that others use its energy as a vehicle to connect to a higher consciousness.

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Sacred Geometry examples


The Flower of Life in Sacred Geometry

"In Secret Geometry, certain geometric shapes and patterns have a symbolic meaning and spiritual significance in the creation and design of the ancient world," Wang explains. "The Flower of Life is closely linked with the study of Sacred Geometry. Some even say it is serving as the core of Sacred Geometry. It enlightens us on the intricate oneness of all things in life, and it implies the deep underlying structures as the basis of our reality and existence."

Mastroberte adds that it can help us connect to this energies of the universe and harness it in our lives to create change.

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How To Use the Flower of Life

Wang shares that people incorporate the Flower of Life into their lives in various ways, including meditation aids and physical ornaments. "It is used in meditation by focusing on the pattern to gain insight and access deeper levels of consciousness."

Mastroberte adds that she likes to use the Flower of Life, Seed of Life and other sacred symbols in rituals as a grid, and layers crystals on them with the intention of what she would like to manifest in her life.

“The Flower of Life itself as a grid can be used with crystals when harnessing the energy to create positive change in any area of your life, but can also be meditated upon to open up your connection to a higher consciousness and bring mind, body and spirit into balance," she explains.

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Seed of life


What Is the Difference Between the Flower of Life and the Seed of Life?

"The Seed of Life has seven overlapping circles shaping a flower-like pattern. It represents the fundamental theme of space and time, and [is] often deemed as a symbol of creation and a blueprint for life itself," Wang explains. "Whereas the Flower of Life has multiple overlapping circles expanding outward from the central Seed of Life, reflecting the holy oneness of the cosmos."

"The Seed of Life is actually contained within the Flower of Life. It is also a symbol of creation, but represents the beginning or "seed" stages of creation rather than the whole cycle," adds Mastroberte.

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What Is the Vibration of the Flower of Life?

According to Wang, "The Flower of Life's vibration is 128 Hertz—the exact reflection of a proper note C. Serving as the central tone of creation, 128 hertz is deemed as the tone of ultimate balance. This vibration corresponds to a specific sound frequency meant to promote peace and groundedness in our physical body."

Mastroberte notes that the Flower of Life "is said to connect and align us with the creative, high vibrational energies of the Universe."

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  • Letao Wang, certified spiritual counselor, founder of The Healing Kingdom and creator of the forthcoming intuitive oracle card deck, Oracle of Celestial Deities

  • Tammy Mastroberte, bestselling author of The Universe is Talking to You, and The Higher Help Method