What Flavor Is Costco's New Spring Pie?

Costco shoppers in bakery
Costco shoppers in bakery - The Image Party / Shutterstock

It's always exciting to explore Costco when the seasons change because new items start hitting the shelves. With spring in full swing, shoppers have become fixated on a new Banana Cream Pie that's been spotted in Costco warehouses. Weighing over 3 pounds and priced at $15.99, even non-banana lovers are having a hard time resisting this creation.

The Instagram account @costcobuys shared news of the item in a post from May 14, and one commenter claimed, "I hate banana (sensory issue with them due to autism) but actually love this!!!" Other commenters expressed an eagerness to try the product while some raved about the flavor, describing it as "SO GOOD!" One user did note, however, that the pie itself is reportedly quite sweet, but this makes sense if you look at the ingredients.

The pie's flavor comes from real bananas in the cream filling, a butter graham crust, and a layer of thick, caramel-flavored whipped topping. The entire 3½-pound pie is also drizzled with caramel in a cross-hatch pattern. While there have been good and bad Costco holiday pies over the years, it's rare to see a banana-flavored offering, even if the size is to be expected. Costco is known for selling in bulk (which can save you money on pantry staples), and its desserts are no exception.

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Not All Costco Pies Will Be Fan Favorites

Costco pies in bakery
Costco pies in bakery - costco.stars / TikTok

If you're hesitant about this new pie, you may be interested to know that not all customers love the taste — or large size — of the dessert. Unlike most of the reactions on @costcobuys' Instagram post, some comments on a separate Instagram reel about the pie from the account @costcohotfinds gave mixed reviews.

Laura Jayne Lamb, who runs the account, loved the crust and found the pie to be "so, so creamy and delicious." While many users agreed, several did not. One commenter noted that despite typically enjoying Costco pies, they didn't like this item, claiming it "tasted like a bag of sugar." A different user criticized the artificial banana flavor, despite the dessert using real bananas, and another commenter said the pie was "all fluff and no flavor!" Of course, the reel has over 1,000 comments, so there are sure to be some negative reviews in the mix.

While Costco markets this pie as being made with real bananas, they're seemingly incorporated into the filling itself. Some Reddit users shared their disappointment in the lack of actual banana slices in the pie; however, this may have been for preservation purposes since sliced bananas turn brown within a few days. Luckily, adding fresh banana slices to your Costco pie is a simple way to elevate each piece. (Plus, it's likely even more convenient than making an easy banana cream pie recipe yourself.)

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