Fitness Influencer Giorgi 'Tzane' Janelidze Dead at 23 After Tragic Accident

Giorgi 'Tzane' Janelidze

Internet personality Giorgi "Tzane" Janelidze has tragically died after being involved in a freak accident that occurred during a recent trip to Italy. He was 23 years old.

The Greek fitness influencer was filming content for social media on Wednesday, March 13, when he slipped and fell into a ravine, per reports from media outlet Ethnos. First responders rushed to the scene, but unfortunately Janelidze did not survive the fall.

Janelidze was reported to be visiting Roghudi Vecchio, Calabria, an abandoned mountain village in Italy, when the accident occurred. According to National Geographic, the hilltop region was once home to one of Italy's last Greek-speaking communities, but now it is nothing more than a ghost town.

While visiting the area, Janelidze was standing on a balcony without a railing when the deadly fall happened, Ethnos reports. After firefighters arrived on scene and were unable to save him, helicopters were eventually called in to retrieve his body from the depths of the ravine.

Janelidze's body was then transported to Saline Joniche and handed over to authorities.

His friend, Chris Kogias, who had been traveling with Janelidze in Italy, later confirmed the news of his death to the Greek publication.

"Tzane is no longer with us," he stated. "He left us yesterday afternoon during the trip we made to Italy. Please pray with us for his soul to rest in peace."

Janelidze's girlfriend, Elena Margariti, also spoke out in the wake of his tragic death, writing in a since-expired Instagram Story that Janelidze was "the most beautiful person inside and out," per the New York Post.

Calling their love story the "biggest adventure I've ever had with someone," Margariti added, "With my man, my whole life."

"Many dreams, a home together, through our difficulties, through our joys, and we made it, us against all odds. So unfairly, so early," she continued before concluding, "I love you so much. We will meet again. My Tzitsi."

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