For The First Time Ever, Totino's Is Rolling Out A Breakfast Item

Totino's breakfast snack bites label
Totino's breakfast snack bites label - Totino's

Totino's, a brand that's well-loved for its tasty party pizzas and bite-sized pizza rolls, has a big announcement for its fans. They're rolling out a new line for when you get the munchies in the morning — Totino's Breakfast Snack Bites.

This momentous occasion marks the first time Totino's is serving up food designed to be consumed in the early a.m. hours. These tasty bites will feature the same traditional golden crust that you find in all of Totino's pizza roll flavors and will come in three different versions for you to choose from, all involving cheese and your favorite breakfast protein options.

Select grocery stores, including Walmart and Kroger, will be rolling these out this summer. If you want to snag a pack, they'll be available in the frozen breakfast aisle, although some stores will leave them in the frozen snacks aisle next to the brand's other offerings, such as the orange chicken pizza rolls. The suggested retail price is set at $7.19 for a 40-count pack for those who are ready to get their hands on them.

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Snacks With A Re-Imagined Flavor To Get Your Morning Started

Totino's breakfast snack bites
Totino's breakfast snack bites - Totino's

The new breakfast lineup features some iconic pairings -- first up is the pork shoulder bacon and cheese scramble, followed by the sausage and cheese scramble. Lastly, the cheesy chorizo scramble makes up the third of the current breakfast offerings rolling out -- so for now, vegetarians will have to wait to get their hands on Totino's breakfast bites.

Don't be fooled by the term "scramble" in the name because interestingly enough, these pizza rolls don't contain eggs, as many breakfast meals do. Each flavor simply contains a type of meat, imitation cheddar cheese, some undisclosed seasoned meatless crumble, and the crispy crust that sandwiches it all together. Best of all, all you have to do is pop these in the microwave and two minutes later you'll be enjoying the new breakfast of champions.

As it stands, Totino's will be rolling out now but will continue to pop up more on the shelves of various retailers throughout the summer. So keep your eyes peeled on grocery store shelves if you don't want to miss being one of the first customers to sink their teeth into these tasty morning snacks.

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