You Can Finally Get Trader Joe’s Groceries Delivered With This Trick

For the days you can’t get to the store (but need some Pancake Bread).

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

Every time there’s an especially rainy day, I get an intense craving for Trader Joe’s Pancake Bread or Everything Bagel Chips. Yet each time I Google “does Trader Joe’s deliver,” I’m hit with their website statement which states, “We do not offer curbside pickup or delivery, and we don’t work with third party delivery services like Instacart or Dumpling because they can’t match our outstanding in-store value and shopping experience.”

As much as I love perusing the aisles shopping for my tried-and-true faves and seasonal releases, sometimes I just wish my go-tos could just magically appear at my doorstep. While you can’t go directly through the store to get your groceries delivered, there is actually a genius way to get your Trader Joe’s products delivered: Taskrabbit.

While you may know TaskRabbit as the online platform designed to help people find help (through taskers) to assist with cleaning, home repairs, and more, the website also allows you to get in touch with folks to run errands for you. This means that you could hire a tasker, like you would for an Instacart driver or Doordasher, to go to Trader Joe’s and pick up and deliver your groceries for you.

<p>Joe Raedle/Getty Images</p>

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

How to Use Taskrabbit to Get Trader Joe’s Delivery

If you’ve never used TaskRabbit before, the premise is very straightforward: The website matches people with trusted local Taskers to run errands or complete any kind of task. While the website doesn’t have a Trader Joe’s function, here’s how to use it to get your groceries delivered:

  1. Go to Taskrabbit's website or download the TaskRabbit app.

  2. Once there, the homepage has a search box that allows you to input your inquiry. In this case, click on the “errands” option.

  3. Add the address of your local Trader Joe’s in the “Start Address” box and then type in your address for the “End Address” box.

  4. After the addresses are set, they will ask roughly how long this task should take a person to do—in this case, I’d say about two to three hours (depending how far a Trader Joe’s is from your house).

  5. It will then give you the option to describe your request and in this case, you’d put that you want groceries and then list out the items that you want. Pro tip: Trader Joe’s website outlines all of their products.

  6. After your request is set, it will give you options for local Taskers in the area—and their set hourly rates. Choose the Tasker that you are interested in working with and you will be able to schedule a time and further message the Tasker throughout the process to get your groceries delivered.

While not always useful, this is an excellent idea if you don’t have access to a car or can’t make it to Trader Joe’s—but you still need your favorite grocery items. Ever since I figured out you can send a Tasker to do your grocery shopping, I know that I’m keeping this hack in my back pocket for those hectic or rainy days.

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