Final Fantasy 7 Remake Update Makes Some Weird Changes


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is just around the corner, with the game set to be released this week on February 29, 2024. Ahead of the game’s launch, many players have gone back and replayed Final Fantasy 7 Remake in anticipation, and those playing on PC have noticed something rather strange with a mysterious new patch that dropped on PC.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, as the upgraded and expanded version is known on PC and PS5, is an enhanced version of Remake with a new DLC section focused on Yuffie. The game is largely similar to its original release on the PS4, and whether it’s on PC or PS5, you’re going to get much the same experience. Or at least you would, were it not for the recent update to the PC version of the game.

That update changes two things — or at least two that we know of so far. The first is a change to Tifa’s outfit in the Nibelheim flashback, which brings it in line with her adult Remake design, and with her young design in Crisis Core and Rebirth. It covers up her cleavage, which is fine because she’s 15 in that scene and we didn’t need that anyway, but of course some of the worst people on the internet were not fans of that.

The second change is a little bit more interesting, and changes the final line from Aerith at the end of the game. In the original scene, Aerith says she misses the steel sky, while in the newly updated version, she says she doesn’t like the sky. It’s a change that brings it much closer to the dialogue in the Japanese version of the game, and it definitely changes the vibe of the scene.

It’s a much more sad and foreboding scene with the new dialogue, and the change really makes a point of Aerith’s dislike of the sky and all that comes with it — something that is more apparent in expanded media and will likely come up once or twice in Rebirth.

At the time of writing we’ve only seen confirmation that these changes affect the PC version of the game, and not the PS4 or PS5 versions, but we wouldn’t be surprised if those get updated too. I’d love to say that the Xbox versions of the game will get the same update but, well, if it hasn’t come to Xbox yet, it’s not likely to now.

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