Fifi Box opens up about 'terribly isolating' pregnancy

Fifi Box has opened up about her difficult second pregnancy. Instagram/fifi_box/

Fifi Box has opened up about her ‘terribly isolating’ pregnancy and called the experience the ‘greatest challenge’ of her life.

The radio host made the vulnerable admission as part of a lengthy Instagram post which detailed her battle with hyperemsis gravidarum.

“This is the reality of how I have looked every day for 9 months, debilitated by nausea and bedridden,” she wrote beneath a collage of ill-looking selfies.

“[HG] is a terribly isolating journey of chronic nausea with no relief. I have felt poisoned every second of this pregnancy, it’s like having gastro every minute, every hour of every day for nine months.

“It is possibly the greatest mental and physical challenge of my life.”

Hyperemsis gravidarum - or HG - was once considered to be just a severe form of morning sickness, a viewpoint the mum-to-be strongly disagrees with.

“As fellow sufferer @amyschumer said ‘comparing HG to morning sickness is like having an arrow through your skull and saying it's like a minor headache’,” Fifi wrote.

HG affects just one per cent of women and was brought into the public psyche when Kate Middleton was hospitalised with the condition for all three of her pregnancies.

However, for Fifi a constant solace came in the form of her six-year-old daughter Trixie who she shares with ex-partner Grant Kenny.

“The only way through it is my daughter’s smiling face every day, the support of incredible friends and family and knowing that each day I’m getting closer to this much wanted, longed-for baby angel.”

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