Outrage at mum's call to ban kids playing nude

Kristine Tarbert
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Should kids be allowed to play naked on their own property. Photo: Getty

A mum-of-four has been brutally slammed online after suggesting that young children shouldn’t be allowed to play in the nude in their own backyard.

The fierce debate kicked off when British TV show This Morning invited two mothers on the show, to discuss a story of a mother finding the police at her door after a neighbour had made an anonymous call about her children playing naked in a paddling pool in their front yard.

Blogger and mother-of-three Natalie Brown defended the mum in question, saying children should be allowed to play in the nude on their own property.

She said the fact that police got involved was “bonkers”.

“I think it’s just a childhood right of passage to be able to take all your clothes off and run through the garden hose,” Natalie said, adding it was “civil policing gone nuts”.

Mum-of-four Claire Muldoon however disagreed.

Mum-of-four Claire Muldoon appeared on This Morning. Photo: ITV

She believed children should be taught “common decency and morals” from an early age.

“I don’t think it’s a right of passage for children to whip their clothes off, run with gay abandonment though an allotment, where they could actually injure themselves,” she told the panel.

The two mums launched into a fierce debate on the panel. Photo: ITV

Viewers however were unimpressed by Claire's strong opinions, accusing her of “sexualising children” by forcing them to cover up at a young age.

“Fhs if the kids can’t run around in their own garden, what’s the world coming to?” one person tweeted.

“Seeing the state that some adults walk around looking like in public, why the hell should it ever matter if you’re naked as a child in your own garden... seriously these days people seem to need to find something to bloody moan about,” another added.

The discussion came after two uniformed police officers paid a visit to Beth Mckenna’s home in Newcastle in the UK last week after receiving an anonymous complaint.

She appealed for an apology after a “nosey neighbour” reported her to police after spotting her children playing naked in their paddling pool.

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