These Features Will Sell Your Home Quicker, According to Frontdoor

Does your bathroom have vanity lighting?

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If you've started the process of selling your home, you've probably heard a lot of advice on what you should and shouldn't do to attract buyers. There are certain things—like working with a qualified agent and doing strategic home staging—that are always good ideas. Specific renovations and home improvement projects, however, require a bit more discretion, as they can cost a lot of time and money, and don't always offer a high return in investment. That's why it's helpful to know what home buyers are looking for and what's most likely to help sell your home.

Frontdoor, a home services and repair company, released a report sharing exactly that. To pull the findings, data analysts at Frontdoor identified over 100 of the most popular and trending home features and used Zillow’s keyword filter to find sold homes with these features in every state. From there, they calculated the average number of days that the homes with each feature took to sell and ranked the results. From vanity lighting in the bathroom to a butcher block in the kitchen, these are some of the top features that are helping buyers say "yes" to a new home right now.

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Top Features That Will Sell Your Home Quicker

  1. Vanity Lighting (median days to sell: 44)

  2. Stone Tile Floor (median days to sell: 45.5)

  3. Open Shelving (median days to sell: 47)

  4. Exposed Brick Wall (median days to sell: 47)

  5. Modern Lighting (median days to sell: 47.5)

  6. Artificial Grass (median days to sell: 48)

  7. Chandelier Lighting (median days to sell: 48)

  8. Shed (median days to sell: 49)

  9. Pergola (median days to sell: 49)

  10. Subway Tile (median days to sell: 49)

  11. Butcher Block (median days to sell: 49)

  12. Built-In Shelves (median days to sell: 49)

  13. King-Size Bed (median days to sell: 49)

  14. Luxury Carpet (median days to sell: 49)

  15. Recessed Cabinet (median days to sell: 49)

  16. Barn Door (median days to sell: 50)

  17. EV Charger (median days to sell: 50)

  18. Bay Windows (median days to sell: 50)

  19. Dog House (median days to sell: 50)

  20. Wall Sconces (median days to sell: 50)

The top two features on the list—vanity lighting and stone tile floor—are both primarily bathroom features, suggesting that this room can play a big role in getting your house sold quickly. The kitchen, which is often considered the most important room when selling a home, is still a major factor—and, from the findings, butcher blocks are the kitchen feature that are most effective for a quick home sale.

These findings also drive home the importance of paying attention to the smaller details, not just the big ticket items. Lighting, for example, is a repeating theme on the list. In addition to vanity lighting topping the list, modern lighting, chandelier lighting, and wall sconces are all desirable features for home buyers.

The report also breaks down the most popular features by room and space, including the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and yard. So, if you're considering any renovations to boost your home's sale price or speed up the sale time, it's worth reviewing the findings and getting more familiar with the items on home buyers' wish lists.

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