FBoy Island's Sophie and Joshy reveal why they're not together anymore

FBoy Island Australia's Sophie and Joshy tell Yahoo Lifestyle why they're not together anymore.

Video transcript

- We're very strong friends that could or could not lead to anything more. But for now, we are just focusing on getting through the show, watching each other-- well, no, Joshy watching me date other people.


- Joshy kind of dated the other guys for a little bit. There's a bit of a bromance going on there with a few of them.

- [LAUGHS] We cuddled on the daybeds.

- [LAUGHS] Getting across that. So I think we wanted to sort of finish that hurdle of-- it's a weird concept. So we still talk. We're still really good friends. And I think if anything, like the best outcome for me was that is we're going to be friends for life.

- And like, both of our work's kind of hard-- obviously, in the separate states.

- Yeah.

- So we kind of just went down like, well, we're pretty mature about it. We're just like, look, we get along really well. We don't want to bring anything that's going to be like pressure or anything and stress us out, and then we turn it against each other and get annoyed at each other or anything like that. Look, you never know what the future holds, but we just definitely wanted to keep that momentum of that friendship going, and just kind of respect each other in that way, and just be a bit mature about it in a way as well.