Our Favorite Trader Joe's Condiment Is Back Just In Time For Summer Barbecues

Dill pickle mustard and deviled eggs
Dill pickle mustard and deviled eggs - Trader Joe's

This is not a drill. Our favorite Trader Joe's condiment is back in stores — and just in time to be spread onto the inside of your buns this barbecue season. Listed as number one in Tasting Table's ranking of the 18 absolute best Trader Joe's condiments, Trader Joe's dill pickle mustard brings an even tangier twist to an already tangy spread that cuts through just about anything. Spread it inside your burger buns, squirt it on your hot dogs, stir it into your potato salad, or add it to your picnic sandwiches. This condiment is ranked number one for a reason, and it's just the upgrade your condiment selection needed this summer.

Trader Joe's is known for delivering unique, private label products you can't find anywhere else, and we ranked the best and worst of them. While the dill pickle mustard is hardly the only unique condiment you can get at Trader Joe's, it is by far the best. Not only does the pickle brine give it a less yellowy color that reads far less artificial than that of your usual Heinz, but the dill introduces an aromatic element that gives the condiment a fresh twist. The pickles and mustard were probably going to go on to your burger or hot dog anyways, but the dill brings the herby, garden-fresh flavor that you look forward to in all of your summer dishes — making this condiment surprisingly versatile.

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Get Creative With Trader Joe's Dill Pickle Mustard

person plating food at potluck barbecue
person plating food at potluck barbecue - Lindasphotography/Getty Images

One reason why Trader Joe's is so special is the sense of community it has created — in store, but especially online. Creators are always sharing Trader Joe's products and creative ways to use them, dill pickle mustard included. While your first thought might be to immediately start spreading it on your burgers and sandwiches, this condiment is just as advantageous in other, less expected applications. For the most part, it can be used in recipes like deviled eggs and pasta, egg, or potato salad as a substitute for traditional mustard to give them a fresh, slightly bolder and herbier twist. Use it in your potluck dishes this summer and everyone will be asking you for the secret ingredient.

Aside from using it as a mere mustard substitute, Trader Joe's dill pickle mustard is said to make a pretty impressive marinade. Adding to it's barbecue allure, you can use this condiment ahead of time to flavor your meats from within — although, it never hurts to stock up on some tofu or veggie burgers for your vegetarian guests.

Not only will it bring a nice color and tang but it will also act as a pungent binder for the rest of the herbs and seasonings to stick to. A slathering of mustard really pays off if you're preparing chicken, and it can easily be substituted in Ashly Altan's expertly marinated chicken recipe. It will also work for your steak and tofu marinades too.

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