Our Favorite Canned Tequila Cocktails Taste Like They Come Straight From The Bar

pouring a canned cocktail into a glass
pouring a canned cocktail into a glass - Syda Productions/Shutterstock

Pre-mixed canned cocktails have recently been making the rounds for their combined convenience and delicious refreshment. These cocktails offer the same taste of a mixed drink that has been freshly prepared in an easy-to-carry can, creating an uncomplicated way to consume alcohol. As more spirit brands release products into the ready-to-drink category, canned tequila beverages offer a taste experience that comes close to visiting your favorite bar. So, who does it best?

Tasting Table ranked 14 canned tequila drink brands. And after careful consideration, we believe that Jose Cuervo Cocktails stand above all other options. The brand earned the number one spot for its authentic flavor, creating a canned cocktail that tastes just like it was ordered fresh from the bar. So, now that you have the perfect drink, let's review what makes this canned cocktail a must-add to your next trip to the grocery store. First, think about your upcoming summer plans. Whether you're at the beach, on a picnic, camping, hiking, or attending a music festival, canned tequila is much easier to transport and share with a group.

Along with eliminating the hassle of preparing drinks, these cans are a far easier substitute for glass bottles. Canned tequila products are not just about convenience; they can also be about control. Instead of a large glass filled with an overwhelming (and often unmeasured) amount of alcohol, many canned tequila products contain one serving. This option ensures that you can enjoy your drink without worrying about overindulging. They also come in several delicious flavors.

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Jose Cuervo's Canned Tequila Cocktails Come In Many Flavors

Boxes and cans of Jose Cuervo Cocktails
Boxes and cans of Jose Cuervo Cocktails - Brianna Lopez/Tasting Table

Now, instead of going out with your canned cocktails, how about staying in? When hosting a party or event, the risk of broken glass can be a concern. However, with canned tequila, this worry is eliminated. The cans are more resistant, making them a reliable choice for social events. Furthermore, when hosting, these canned beverages stay fresh because the drink is contained and sealed. Finally, we're all about flavor variation -- for you or your guests!

Jose Cuervo offers plenty of choices, creating the perfect tequila-based option for everyone. You can enjoy a sparkling Margarita or expand your horizons and try a Sparkling Pink Lemonade Margarita or Sparkling Strawberry Margarita. If you're a fan of the grapefruit Paloma, Jose Cuervo offers a sparkling version of the classic cocktail. There's also a Sparkling Muletta, or Tequila Mule, which features triple sec and citrus flavors. Our staff found that it had a strong ginger aroma.

Rather than spend your night measuring ingredients for all of these mixed drinks, you can simply point people toward their potential new favorite beverage. Finally, consider supplying a few garnishes. Pouring these drinks directly into a glass or over ice, you can easily offer some sprigs of mint, a few limes, and even flavored salt at your setup, ensuring an elevated experience (from a can). So, the next time you shop for summer sips, look no further than Jose Cuervo canned cocktails. These ready-to-drink beverages make your life easier (and more delicious), one can at a time.

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