Father sparks backlash with his money-saving restaurant hack

Dad receives backlash for restaurant hack  (@glazedepoxy on TikTok)
Dad receives backlash for restaurant hack (@glazedepoxy on TikTok)

A father thought his money-saving technique was genius, but people aren’t convinced.

In a 5 May TikTok video, Josh Mileham showed off his restaurant hack, which he claimed feeds his family of six easily without racking up the bill. While at dinner with his three sons – Brooklyn, 14, Colton, 11, and Asher, eight – and six-year-old daughter, Vallyn, Mileham announced he had a “cool trick” to show them.

“It’ll make you a quesadilla in about two minutes,” the proud father declared, adding that he wouldn’t have to spend more than $120.

Mileham took a flour tortilla from a covered container and filled it with cheese. He then placed it under a burning skillet with a fajita platter, cooking it like a quesadilla. After a few seconds, Mileham removed the tortilla to reveal the now lightly browned sides and melted cheese.

The innovative adult then handed the quesadilla over to his 11-year-old. Taking a bite, Colton confirmed the food was tasty with a quick thumbs-up.

“Who else hates when you order five kids meals and no one eats it,” the caption read.

Despite attracting more than 2.5 million views on TikTok, the video didn’t garner a lot of support. Conflicted commenters weren’t sure whether Mileham’s trick was smart or unsanitary and unfulfilling.

“My kids eat like grown men. There is no way that would fill my kids up. If I can’t afford to feed the kids, I have I stay at home,” one parent responded.

Another asked: “How does tortillas being brought alleviate you from spending a buck 20 because we are a family of 7 so... torts or the least of it?”

Other opposers pointed out a potential health issue with Mileham’s technique.

“As someone who’s worked at Applebees, don’t trust those wood plates to be clean,” a former restaurant worker said.

Another pointed out: “Oh noooo! Those boards are so so dirty! They might get sorta wiped down a couple times a week.”

However, there were some that expressed their support for Mileham’s budget technique.

“I grew up extremely poor and this brings me so much joy that you found a way and your children look so happy to enjoy it,” one viewer remarked.

For those who questioned how he had extra tortillas from just one fajita platter order, Mileham explained that he thought ahead and got an extra side for $2.50.

The Independent has contacted Mileham for a comment.