Farmer Wants A Wife's Bert responds to rumours he's 'not a real farmer'

Farmer Wants A Wife's Bert responds to claims that he's 'not a real farmer'.

Video transcript

- Every year, I feel like people on social media will be like, that guy is not a real farmer. Do we have five legit farmers this year?

- I think we do, yeah.

- Yeah.


- --somewhere. Apparently, I'm not a real farmer.

- Yeah, actually, you're not.

- Yeah, I'm not a real farmer, so.

- Pineapple farmer isn't a farmer, somehow, so.

- Yeah, that doesn't count as a farm, so.

- Yeah, you got to have sheep, cows and tract-- well, you got tractors, I suppose.

- Yeah, I got tractors.

- But, no, you don't count.

- Ah.

- Yeah. Yeah, but they also like--

- That was someone on-- in the comments, just to be funny.

- --the local bakery, someone said that I wasn't a real farmer because they had never seen me in the bakery before. So can't tell if they just don't have good meat pies, or if I'm just not a farmer, so.


- Yeah, it's the pies, definitely.