Which 'Farmer Wants a Wife' Couples Are Still Together?

Khelsi and Allen from "Farmer Wants a Wife"

FOX rebooted Farmer Wants a Wife with a new host (Jennifer Nettles) in 2023 and quickly raised the barn for dating shows. The series has found a devoted audience—but have the resulting couples (so far) remained as devoted to each other?

Nettles recently dished about her hope for matchmaking on the series to Parade, saying, “There are so many of these shows that are out there, dating shows, but I am not a fan of those. I feel like they are over dramatized for people who want 15 seconds of fame to become Instagram influencers, which is fun, but it definitely is escapism. This show is not escapism. This show is relatable because it’s authentic. When it first came across my desk I was like, ‘A dating show? No thanks.’ Then they came back and shared with me the successes of their shows. That got my attention.”

So…how did the first season of the rebooted series fare when it came to finding lasting love? See where the couples from Farmer Wants a Wife are now (and check back for updates after Season 2 is done airing).

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Which Couples From ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Are Still Together (So Far)?

Ryan Black & Haley Ramirez

<p>Photo by FOX via Getty Images</p>

Photo by FOX via Getty Images

This couple never even made it to the first season finale. Horse trainer and breeder Ryan Black shocked audiences when he had a change of heart after sending recruiter Haley Ramirez home for being “too emotional.” In the finale, he traveled to New York in an attempt to win her back and was heartened when she agreed to return to the farm. However, he left the show single when she revealed she ultimately wasn’t ready to be in a relationship with her former flame.

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Allen Foster & Khelsi Stone

<p>Photo by FOX via Getty Images</p>

Photo by FOX via Getty Images

The May 17, 2023 finale of Farmer Wants a Wife saw Tennessean cattle rancher Allen Foster choosing Khelsi Stone, a teacher from Georgia, over the runner-up, California-based horse trainer Rebecca Rosell. However, it would appear that all was not calm on the farm. Two days after the finale aired, Foster and Stone revealed that their romance was already over.

Foster took to Instagram to confirm the breakup, writing, “What an incredible journey and opportunity this has been! I came into this with an open mind and open heart! Farmer Wants a Wife didn’t end how I’d hope as far as a relationship, however, I have gained friendships and had opportunities that will last a lifetime! I truly am a blessed man to have been apart of this journey! Thank you all for the kindness and support! #farmerwantsawife”

Stone wasn’t quite so positive with her social media commentary surrounding the relationship, dishing in the comments of a post, “Everything speaks volume[s] now and I’m glad I no longer have to pretend I’m okay.”

She also confirmed the breakup while throwing shade on her ex’s post, writing, “No ma’am we are not [together]. I was trying to be respectful of the time we did share and tell our story a little later.”

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Landon Heaton & Ashley Larea

<p>Photo by FOX via Getty Images</p>

Photo by FOX via Getty Images

Cattle rancher and farmer from Oklahoma Landon Heaton faced quite the dilemma when he was forced to choose between two Ashleys, Larea and Rader. In the end, Larea, the executive coordinator from Dallas, won out, but much like with Foster and Stone, the romance was short-lived.

Larea took to Instagram and, in a lengthy note, confirmed their breakup. It read in part, “At the finale in December, we were completely changed and hopeful in our future ahead. After the show stopped filming, the pressure of things beyond my control took a toll and ultimately we decided to go our separate ways in January.”

In a lengthy post of his own, Heaton went into a little more detail about what led to their parting of ways, writing in part, “What I found was an amazing raw connection with a fantastic person. Following the final days of filming, due to unforeseen circumstances, I needed to be home with my family, and then life got busy. Ashley and I made the decision to go separate ways in January of 2023, in an effort to adjust back to ‘normal life.’”

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Hunter Grayson & Meghan Baker

<p>Photo by FOX via Getty Images</p>

Photo by FOX via Getty Images

Cattle and horse rancher Hunter Grayson had a strong connection with Meghan Baker from the start. However, when the Midland, Texas event coordinator left the show unexpectedly due to the sudden death of her grandfather, it seemed like their romance may not get the chance to fully bloom. But the tragic event actually made Baker more sure about her feelings for Grayson.

She explained, “We had a great one-on-one date with his family. I loved his family. And that connection really started to grow for me. And then I got the call the next morning [that my grandfather had died] and I told Hunter and he dropped absolutely everything to be there for me. And that showed for me, even through the hard times, he’s going to be there.”

When the opportunity arose for Baker to return to the show for the finale, she jumped at the chance. "I got a call asking if I wanted to come back, and I couldn’t turn it down. I had to go back and see if Hunter still felt the same way that I felt about him when I left.”

While it appeared Grayson did feel the same way and the two ended the series as a couple, sadly, the romance did not stand the test of time. By the end of June, the two were no more.

Baker took Facebook to reveal the fan-favorite couple had split with a post reading, “I’ve never in my life had to make a break up post before so bear with me…. Break ups are hard enough without having to post about them but I guess this is what I get for signing up for this wild adventure. God only knows who he has in store for my life. I know that He put me on #farmerwantsawife for a reason. Thank you all for following along on ‘our’ journey. Please remember we are both human and sometimes things just don’t work out, but we wish each other the best!”

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