Fans Voice Concern for Kanye West’s Wife Bianca Censori After Rapper Shares Odd New Photos

Kanye West, Bianca Censori

Some fans are worried about Bianca Censori after her husband Kanye West's latest social media updates, with the 46-year-old sharing perplexing photos of Censori in a very risqué tan one-piece and black hood in what looked to be latex material.

After wiping his Instagram grid at the start of 2024, West has been sharing snaps of Censori in revealing outfits, both old and new. On Jan. 20, he began his latest series of updates with a photo of Censori's profile as she wore a black latex hood, with no caption.

After that, he shared a full-body snap of Censori with the hood and a stringy one-piece that covered nothing in the back, with the 29-year-old appearing to cook something on a plate in front of her. West wrote, "Cream of wheat," in explanation.

The next photo showed Censori in the hood and a long black trench coat she has been spotted wearing before, while the last snap was another look at the back of her revealing tan outfit.

Fans shared notes of concern for Censori in the comments along with criticism for West's actions, with one person writing, "Gurl blink if you need help, say angel throw up the middle finger! Say something in gibberish! SOS whatever, just let us know boo!"

Others were confounded, with replies like, "What is this Ye?", "This creeps me out," and "Whats the reason."

Another said, "I can’t wait to hear her story when she finally comes to her sense 😂," as quite a few wrote something along the lines of, "What in the American horror story is going on 😮😂," referring to the "Rubber Man" outfit from the popular horror TV series.

But there were also some supporters of West mixed in, like a fan who argued that what the rapper and his wife have been doing is a form of creativity, saying, "Its art, plain and simple. It has us all talking about it, and that's what art is supposed to do."

Censori has been wearing risqué fashion since the start of 2023, shortly after she married West, consistently making headlines with her tights-only looks and kitten heels.

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