Fans Tease Travis Kelce for Looking ‘Distracted’ at Chiefs Practice

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce was spotted back in action as the Kansas City Chiefs start prepping for what many hope will be their 3-peat Super Bowl season, but it's looking like his head isn't quite in the game.

A new video taken during Thursday, May 30's OTA session—otherwise known as organized team activities, which are off-season training sessions—shows several members of the team walking back and forth on the practice field in sync, lifting their legs in what appears to be a series of brief quad stretches, but the NFL legend was a little too busy gabbing with his NFL bestie to keep in time.

There's no audio on the brief clip originally uploaded to X by Sports Radio 810 WHB, but while the rest of the players, including Patrick Mahomes, ran through the exercise, Kelce just shuffled along, chattering away until he realized there were more important things he was meant to be doing.

"Lmao he’s just yapping and randomly remembers to stretch," one fan teased him while resharing the original video, with several joking about the work spouse relationship between the tight end and the quarterback.

"Him and his work wife are too cute," one replied, while another suggested, "It’s giving 'updating the work wife on all the tea.'"

"Put him with his bestie he's distracted lol," someone else said.

Others noted that his uniform shirt appeared to run a lot smaller than the others', commenting that he was "too busy stretching his crop top" to keep up with the moves.

Some even wondered what they were so intently discussing, floating the possibilities of an upcoming trip to see Taylor Swift perform—or, perhaps, thinking about tuning into a TikTok live stream of her Madrid performancetheir new restaurant venture, or the team's upcoming visit to the White House.

It's anyone's guess, but we're certainly rooting for another stop by the Eras Tour—and soon!

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