Fans ‘Can’t Wait’ to Try New Kit Kat and Reese’s Halloween Flavors

Fans are eager to try out the new Kit Kat and Reese’s flavors expected to arrive in time for Halloween.

Fans were thrilled to learn that Kit Kat and Reese’s will be releasing new flavors as a special treat for Halloween 2024.

The two new flavors were previewed on Sat., June 1 on social media by a food blogger known as Snack Betch on Instagram. News of the Halloween-themed flavors arrived shortly after Kit Kat announced a new pink lemonade flavor and after Reese’s revealed a super-sized version of its fan-favorite peanut butter cup.

The new Kit Kat and Reese’s flavors were named in honor of the spooky season, according to Snack Betch.

Kit Kat’s new treat will be the Kit Kat Ghost Toast, the food blogger revealed. The Kit Kat bars will feature the candy’s traditional crispy wafers covered in a special cinnamon toast creme, the Instagram preview detailed.

Meanwhile, Reese’s is expected to release a treat called Reese’s Werewolf Tracks, which will feature a vanilla-flavored creme coating the brand’s classic peanut butter filling.

Images of the new products shared by Snack Betch indicated that both flavors will be available as snack-sized products. They are each expected to be available to customers in time for Halloween, the food blogger noted.

Though some fans on Instagram suggested it was “way too early” to start thinking about Halloween candy, others seemed excited by the opportunity to test out the new flavors once they hit store shelves.

“Definitely excited to try the KitKat 😍😍,” one fan wrote. Snack Betch responded to their comment, writing, “yess it sounds so good.”

“[O]mg we need both I’m sooooo excited to try these😬🤤🤤🤤🤤,” one Instagram user commented.

“I need it😍,” one fan wrote as another agreed, writing, “Can’t wait.”

While many fans were excited by Kit Kat’s upcoming Ghost Toast flavor, others appeared to find the name of the forthcoming treat—which Snack Betch described as “cute”—humorous.

“😂 Ghost toast,” one person laughed.

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