Fans Shocked by Baby Photos of 'Today Show' Stars: 'Can't Believe This Is Real'

TODAY -- Pictured: Al Roker, Sheienlle Jones, Craig Melvin and Dylan Dreyer on Monday, July 10, 2023 -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)

Fans of Today were treated to a sweet surprise on Tuesday, April 30, when the show posted a handful of baby photos of some of its most prominent cast members.

The morning broadcast teamed up with Gerber to promote this year's search for its Chief Growing Officer, "jump[ing] in on the fun" with a series of "adorable throwback pics," and we imagine looking them over evokes a similar feeling to when you run into one of your teachers outside of school—a little unreal.

Meteorologists Al Roker, 69, and Dylan Dreyer, 42, co-host Sheinelle Jones, 46, and anchor Craig Melvin, 44, were all a part of it, with a screenshot of them sitting next to one another around a glass table on the show's set arranged above their respective baby photos, none of which seemed to have been taken above the age of two.

Roker's snapshot was a blurry black-and-white rendering, where the tot version of the television personality donned one of his beloved fedoras.

Next, Jones offered a gummy smile for the camera, a cute little bow sitting atop her head.

Melvin, who the team joked "looks exactly the same," smiled brightly at the camera, showing off his baby teeth.

Finally, Dreyer gave a sassy, over-the-shoulder look at the camera.

Fans were delighted by the little glimpse at their childhoods, though not everyone was convinced they were legit.

"Cant believe this is real 😂," one wrote in response.

"Congratulations to all, good aging👏," another joked.

Several begged for Melvin's secrets in particular, with one writing, "Craig needs to drop the skincare routine asap!"

"We need Craig’s anti-aging secret!! All adorable!! 🫶🏽," said another.

Others pointed out how Roker has barely changed. 

"Al was wearing hats even back then! 😂," one wrote, while another pointed out that he was "giving the side eye to someone!"

Roker is, of course, well-known for his sassy demeanor, often poking fun at his colleagues, and it's clear that's been with him from the start!

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