Fans Praise Jazz Jennings for Her 'Inspiring' Weight Loss Journey in New Photos

Jazz Jennings

TLC viewers were introduced to Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen from South Florida, in 2015. Fans have watched Jazz navigate high school, dating and now college. And most recently, they have followed along on her weight loss journey.

On June 5, Jennings, 23, took to Instagram with a wellness update and photos of her progress. The reality star posed with her siblings in several pictures while rocking a blue and white dress.

Jennings began her message with a comment she received, noting she feels it "hit the nail on the head." It read: "I hope you’re happy with yourself. Who cares what you weigh. Who cares what you look like. The important thing is are you happy in your own skin!"

"No matter my weight, I have always felt beautiful. However, losing this weight and prioritizing my health has created a shift within," she explained. "The first step toward improving your well-being is caring. I finally care about myself after years of neglecting my health."

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Continuing her update, Jennings shared that she "had truly let myself go when it came to eating." She is now "so proud of my weight loss, and I feel my confidence radiates through."

She concluded: "Overall, take care of yourself and do things that make you happy and light. We can always strive to be better, and choosing to be the best version of yourself allows you to soar to heights higher than ever before. Joy. Cherish. Peace."

In the comments, Instagram users reacted to the photos and her message. One person wrote, "Jazz, your weight loss is so inspiring!!!"

Another shared, "You have been stunning no matter what you wear, what you weigh, or what you say... but hearing you speak confidently about yourself is your most beautiful look ever! ❤️."

Meanwhile, her brother, Sander, commented, "Thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring so many! Proud of you ❤️👏."

In a Season 7 episode of I Am Jazz, Jennings was shocked and disappointed by the number she saw on the scale at a doctor's appointment.

"Seeing myself weigh 234 pounds, it's devastating," she shared. "It's pretty heartbreaking to realize, like, wow, I did this to myself."

Jennings' mother, Jeanette, was more concerned about the effects on her health.

"She has high cholesterol. She has now developed asthma. Her resting heart rate is higher than my heart rate when I'm working out, and I'm an old lady," the worried mom explained. "She's too young to have all these health concerns. And as she gets heavier, she's just going to get sicker. Her body is just screaming out for help."

Jennings has clearly come a long way. Hopefully, she will continue sharing her wellness journey with fans!

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