Fans poke fun at Justin Bieber’s casual sweats while Hailey wears red dress to Rhode event

Fans poke fun at Justin Bieber’s casual sweats while Hailey wears red dress to Rhode event

Fans are poking fun at Justin Bieber’s casual sweats, as he accompanied wife Hailey Bieber - who wore a glamourous red dress - to her latest Rhode Beauty event.

On 28 August, the couple celebrated the launch of Rhode’s strawberry glaze lip treatment at a Krispy Kreme in New York City. For the occasion, Hailey chose an all-red look, including a mini-dress and matching heels, paired with strawberry-shaped earrings and a necklace with a large, silver “B” hanging from the chain. She also had her hair up in her signature, slicked-back bun.

Meanwhile, her husband opted for a much more casual look: A grey sweatshirt and matching sweat shorts, which he wore with a pink cap and pair of yellow crocs.

On social media, many fans have joked about Hailey and Justin’s very different outfits for the same event, including influencer Kate Bartlett.

“My favourite little game to play whenever I see pictures of Justin Biber and Hailey Bieber out is to try to guess where the f*** they were going,” she said in a TikTok video, which included footage of the couple at the Rhode event. “Because nine times out of 10, they are never dressed for the same event.”

However, Bartlett still went on to praise the pair’s looks in the caption, writing: “And they both serve every single outfit.”

The TikTok video has quickly gone viral, as it has amassed more than 5.4m views. In the comments, fans have continued to make quips about Hailey and Justin’s opposite styles.

“It’s giving he came to pick her up but she made him come in and say hi,” one fan wrote, while another added: “I feel like he accidentally showed up.”

“He is giving Adam Sandler,” a third joked, as the A-lister is known for his baggy T-shirt and shorts style.

However, other fans also praised Hailey for how unbothered she appeared to be by Justin’s laid-back look.

“I love how Hailey never seems bothered about it tho like she just lets him be himself & doesn’t try to dress him the way people think he should be,” one wrote.

“I think she wears whatever she wants and so does he and they don’t care lol which I love,” another added.

On Monday, the “Stay” singer took to Instagram to share snaps of himself and his wife in the Krispy Kreme store. He also celebrated her company’s collaboration with the donut chain, writing: “Baby girl with the @rhode @krispykreme STRAWBERRY GLAZEEE,” along with three red heart eyes emojis.

The model also shared a post on her Instagram to celebrate the event, which served strawberry glazed donuts to guests. “STRAWBERRY GLAZE DAY!!!!!!!!!Feeling over the moon today,” she captioned her post, which included a video of her eating a donut in a car. “Thank you thank you thank you!”

Earlier this month, Rhode announced the launch of its “limited edition peptide lip treatment in strawberry glaze, inspired by Krispy Kreme’s iconic Strawberry Glazed Doughnut”.

“To celebrate, Krispy Kreme is bringing back its Strawberry Glazed Doughnut in all participating US and Canada shops for a limited time only, starting 9/1,” Rhode wrote in an Instagram post, shared on 21 August. “Glazed doughnut lips for summer.”

In January 2022, Bieber first embraced her now-viral glazed donut skincare trend when she shared a photo on Instagram of herself in a bikini and revealed that she wanted her skin to look like “a glazed donut” throughout all of 2022. Last year, Rhode also launched its peptide glazing fluid, which was described as as Bieber’s “signature step to [her] dewy, glazed skin”.