Fans Are Obsessed With Reese Witherspoon's Mom Supporting Kansas City Chiefs

Betty Reese and Reese Witherspoon

It looks like the Kansas City Chiefs have themselves another high-profile fan, and we're not talking about Taylor Swift.

It's actually Reese Witherspoon's mother, Betty Reese, who is warming fans hearts with her support for the NFL team that both Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes play for.

In a wholesome new video uploaded to Instagram by Witherspoon, 47, her mom was excited to share in a FaceTime call that she was watching the Chiefs-Bengals game, though she accidentally referred to the Kansas City team as "KFC," which we know actually stands for the fast food restaurant, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Witherspoon seemed to get a kick out of her mom's confusion of the two topics—but the video only got more amusing as it went on.

While Grandma Betty described the "nail-biting" game, Witherspoon's son Deacon Phillippe tried explaining that the Chiefs played the night before, and that they were playing the Dolphins, not the Bengals.

"No, it was the Chiefs," his grandmother asserted. "The Bengals and the Chiefs."

"Check it," she further propositioned to her grandson, who still wasn't convinced.

When Phillippe asked Grandma Betty when the game aired, she said it was just "30 minutes ago," but he knew that the Chiefs had played the Bengals a few weeks prior.

"I think you might have been watching a rerun, Grandma," he said, though she insisted, "It's not a rerun. Look it up."

"Well, that sounds like a great game," he finally conceded, though he quietly confirmed to his mom that the game Grandma Betty was watching, was, in fact, a rerun.

"Classic grandma Betty (It was a rerun)😂😂" Phillippe, 20, wrote in the comments of Witherspoon's Instagram post on Wednesday, which The Morning Show actress cheekily captioned, "Go, KFC! 🍗🤣🏈."

"I know @nfl needs this kind of accurate / insightful reporting," she added under the post.

But even though Grandma Betty got their schedule a bit confused, the Chiefs Instagram page seemed to be grateful for her support anyway, writing, "BIIIIG KFC FAN! We love you Grandma Betty 😍," in a comment.

And the KFC Instagram account definitely loved the mixup, writing in their own comment, "We like her version better."

Fans also got a kick out of the funny clip, including one commenter, who called it "the most mom conversation ever."

"She's adorable," another fan added, while someone else pointed out, "😂 Deacon is a sweet soul & Grammy has the sass 😍."

One commenter summed things up pretty nicely in another comment that read, "Mama Betty Witherspoon is an icon. ❤️"—and we have to agree!

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