Fans Love Al Roker and Deborah Roberts’ Video as Giddy ‘Empty Nesters’ Dropping Son off at College

Al Roker and Deborah Roberts on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show'

Al Roker and Deborah Roberts gave fans a reason to laugh Sunday morning as the couple shared a relatable parenting moment.

In a giddy video posted via Instagram on Jan. 21, the Today show weather anchor and Roberts, who recently became the co-anchor of 20/20, announced that they had just dropped their 21-year-old son, Nick, off at college after a holiday break.

Roberts began the video by jokingly singing the first line of Andy Williams’ Christmas classic, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Roker joined in before they both started laughing.

With a clap of his hands, Roker announced, “Just dropped Nick off.” The two were dressed in winter weather clothing and are sitting in a car that didn't appear to be moving, though Roberts was wearing a seatbelt.

“We’re going to miss him, but like my dad always said, ‘Can’t miss you if you don’t leave,’” Roker continued. The video ended with Roberts laughing and Roker giving the camera two thumbs up.

In a caption accompanying the post, Roker wrote that it was their first morning since the drop-off following a five-week break for the winter holidays. The “good news” is that he and Roberts will see their son again very soon, Roker wrote, because Parents Weekend is just three weeks away. “I know he was ready to get back to school, so perfect timing,” Roker added.

A photo Roker posted earlier this weekend showed the proud parents standing beside their son as they dropped him off at school. They left Nick “armed” with Roberts’ homemade cookies, a caption for the photo said. Roberts posted another photo over the weekend showing her “fave sophomore” taking a bite out of one of the cookies.

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Comments left on the video post showed that fans loved the “too cute” parents as they embraced their roles as “periodic empty nesters.”

“Literally the cutest parents,” one person wrote.

"You two are pretty pretty pretty adorable…it’s people like you who make the world go around,” a fan commented, with another agreeing that the couple “made me laugh this morning.”

Others commented on the relatability of the video.

“My mom always said ‘I’ll miss you - but it will be a GOOD miss,’” one person shared.

“Glad to see them come; glad to see them go!” another fan said.

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