Fans Lose It Over Taylor Swift's Dancer Shouting Vulgar Irish Phrase

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour backup dancer Kam Saunders has always been a favorite among her fans—and the Irish Swifties seem to feel the same way!

During the first of three Eras Tour shows at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, Saunders once again pulled a trick out of his sleeve while shouting his usual line in "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" during the Red era—and this time, he put a very Irish twist on it.

Throughout the tour, Swift 34, has turned the mic to Saunders, 31, during the bridge of the hit breakup song, specifically when she recites the lines, "This is exhausting, you know, like we are never getting back together..."

That's when Saunders usually chimes in to say, "Like ever," but he has been known to change it up on occasion.

During the show on Friday, June 28, Saunders yelled out, "póg mo thóin," an Irish phrase that is slang for "kiss my arse"—something that is definitely not in the original lyrics of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

But Swifties in the Dublin audience immediately lost it over Saunders' lyric change, and in videos of the performance, the crowd went wild after he dropped the vulgar phrase.

"DID HE JUST — YUP HE DID," the X account for Taylor Nation wrote online, while someone else joked that the dancer "ate and left NO crumbs."

"I love kam so much he aces it every time," read another Swiftie's comment.

One person shouted out "the little things like this" that Saunders often adds at various tour stops to make each performance "that much more special." Some previous phrases he's used include "Nae chance!" in Scotland and "Like, NAURR" in Australia.

"It's The Eras Tour featuring Kam Saunders at this point. What an icon" another user wrote on X.

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