Fans Are on the Hunt for Blue Bell Ice Cream's Latest Collab: 'The Way I Audibly Gasped'

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell Ice Cream fans are trying to get their hands on the newest flavor after the brand teamed up with A&W Root Beer for the perfect summer treat.

In a recent news release, Blue Bell announced its new flavor. “We received many requests for an A&W Root Beer Float Ice Cream," John Neal Robinson, Blue Bell general sales manager, said. "After the huge success of Dr Pepper Float Ice Cream last year, we were ready to work together on another delicious flavor. We recommend enjoying a few scoops in a chilled mug just like your favorite root beer.”

Food influencer Snackolator also shared the news with their followers and Blue Bell fans were stunned by the flavor, such as one who wrote, "The way I audibly gasped when I saw this 😏😋😋."

"My stomach just smiled," another reacted, as others shared how much they wanted to try it, saying, "I GOT TO FIND THIS," and "If I don't get to try this, Imma be sad. 😭."

"Nostalgia 🤌🔥," someone else chimed in.

Last year, Blue Bell and Dr. Pepper released the popular Dr. Pepper Float Ice Cream, which recently got a burst of new attention as Snackolator highlighted the treat last month.

It's a good thing the ice cream brand announced the new A&W Root Beer flavor, as fans of the Dr. Pepper ice cream will likely have to say goodbye to it by the end of the year since Blue Bell said it would be available through 2024. Hopefully, the new collab treat will be just as tasty, and it will reportedly be on sale through 2025.

Blue Bell is only sold in 23 states, but for anyone eager to get their hands on the ice cream in other areas, Blue Bell ships nationwide, with its products available online.

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