Fans Furious After 'Jeopardy!' Airs Big Spoiler Mid-Show: 'Not Cool'

'Celebrity Jeopardy!' Season 2 finalists Mo Rocca, Lisa Ann Walter and Katie Nolan

Jeopardy! viewers were left pretty perturbed after a recent blunder revealed this season's winner of Celebrity Jeopardy! 

The oopsie happened in a commercial break during the final episode of the game show's spinoff franchise, which initially aired on Tuesday, Jan. 23. The ad was promoting an upcoming episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and in it, Abbott Elementary star, comedian and Celebrity Jeopardy! contestant Lisa Ann Walter was prematurely introduced as the Season 2 champion.

"@ABCNetwork Thanks for the spoiler on the Celebrity Jeopardy winner with the in-show pop up ad for Jimmy Kimmel’s guest Lisa Ann Walter 20 seconds into the tournament final," one X (formerly Twitter) user shared.

"Hey @ABC maybe next time, DON'T advertise that one of the Celebrity Jeopardy Finalists will be on your Late Night Show, on the bottom of the screen, in the middle of the Final episode," a second suggested. "That s--t spoiled an incredible ending."

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"So @ABCNetwork basically spoiled who was going to win at the beginning of celebrity @Jeopardy with the @jimmykimmel promo...good job," someone else sarcastically wrote.

"@CelebJeopardy not cool. Right at the beginning of the final there was a commercial scroll saying that champion Lisa Ann would be on Kimmel. Not cool," another disappointed fan exclaimed.

Despite the apparent oversight, those dedicated to watching the competitive quiz show were still delighted over the finale's outcome and Walter's win—which raised $1,000,000 for The Entertainment Community Fund.

"I love that Lisa Ann Walter won Celebrity Jeopardy!" one cheered.

"Lisa Ann Walter, Celebrity Jeopardy champion!!!" another viewer excitedly declared.

Her competitors, Mo Rocca and Katie Nolan, also helped secure massive sums of charitable donations, with Rocca scoring $250,000 for the Inner-City Scholarship Fund and Nolan raising $100,000 for the Association for Women in Sports Media.

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