Fans Freeze Up Over New McFlurry Flavor: ’My Teeth Are Breaking at the Thought of This’

Fans aren’t convinced that McDonald’s new McFlurry flavor is the best idea. Above, a person is photographed holding a McFlurry cup.

McDonald’s is preparing to release a new McFlurry flavor inspired by a popular candy—but fans on social media aren’t so sure that this particular creation is the restaurant chain’s best idea.

Food blogger Snackolator revealed the new menu item in a Wednesday, May 15 post on Instagram. Though some McDonald’s fans appeared curious about the new flavor, many indicated it was an instant no for the sake of their teeth.

According to Snackolator’s post, the new McFlurry flavor in question was inspired by Skittles. The Skittles McFlurry, which is only expected to be available in the United Kingdom starting on May 29, will feature pieces of the fruit candy sprinkled on top of McDonald’s vanilla soft serve. A Skittles-flavored sauce is also expected to be involved in the McFlurry creation.

The image of the Skittles McFlurry shared by Snackolator reflected the candy brand’s original packaging, appearing to indicate that all five original Skittles flavors—strawberry, orange, lemon, lime and grape—would be included. It was unclear what flavor the Skittles sauce would be.

However, fans were more concerned about the risks they would be taking with their teeth if they ventured a bite.

“Frozen skittles? Na i like my teeth as they are,” one fan wrote as another agreed, writing, “Those skittles gonna be hard af.”

“My teeth would fall out,” one Instagram user claimed as another wrote, “my teeth are breaking at the thought of this 🫠🥲.”

Several people worried that the Skittles pieces would turn “rock hard” while sitting in the soft serve, with one person declaring that anyone who tried the new flavor “Might as well be eating ice cream and rocks🪨🍦.”

“This will wreck your teeth,” another person commented on Instagram. “Reminds me of getting a Nerds Blizzard in the 90’s. Terrible idea.”

Despite the concern, some fans did seem excited to try the new McFlurry and bemoaned its U.K.-only release.

“My teeth hurt just looking at this, but that wouldn’t stop me!” an Instagram user wrote excitedly.

“How can I get citizenship over there?” one fan wondered as another begged McDonald’s, “would yall please bring it to america 🇺🇸.”

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