Fans Eager to Get Their Hands on Taco Bell's New Menu Item: 'I Would Absolutely Destroy These'

Taco Bell sign

A new menu item that Taco Bell is testing at select locations has fans of the fast food chain scrambling for a chance to try it out.

Taco Bell customers in Detroit, Mich., were thrilled to learn that the new menu item is currently being tested in locations in their area. Fans in other parts of the country are hoping that Taco Bell will either add the test item to menus permanently or expand the testing area so that they too can have an opportunity to try it out.

The menu item in question is a dipping burrito, according to a preview shared on Instagram on Friday, June 7 by Snackolator, who noted that they would “absolutely destroy these.”

The fast food blogger announced that the snack-sized burritos can be ordered with chicken, seasoned beef or steak at Taco Bell’s Detroit testing locations. The cheese-covered miniaturized burritos are filled with a three-cheese mixture and ranch sauce, according to Snackolator’s intel.

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One order of the dipping burritos reportedly contains two of the snack-sized menu items. Customers can also order them with nacho cheese or sour cream sauce for dipping.

Taco Bell fans who live in the Detroit area are looking forward to the opportunity to give the dipping burritos a try.

“Okay wait I’m actually from metro Detroit and WILL go try these,” one fan wrote before requesting the specific locations of the restaurants testing out the new menu item. Another fan echoed their question, writing, “I wonder what restaurants here in Detroit have them! Will have to test them out!”

One local fan vowed they were “about to go find them and report back,” while another said they plan to “try them this weekend and let ya know how they are.”

“I found them on the app! I'm getting some tonight,” one person decided.

Others who read up on the dipping sauces previewed by Snackolator were disappointed with the lack of variety.

“These look delicious I’d love these but with more dipping sauce variations,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“Definitely but their dipping sauce game needs to elevate!” another fan said.

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