Fans Say Dylan Dreyer’s Husband Is ‘a Hoot’ in Caddy ‘Training’ Video: ‘So Everyday People’

Dylan Dreyer and her husband, Brian Fichera

Fans got a kick out of a new video Dylan Dreyer shared this weekend showing her husband “training” to be her golf caddy ahead of an upcoming celebrity golf tournament.

The Today show’s weather correspondent will join dozens of sports and entertainment celebrities competing in this year’s American Century Championship, the annual star-studded golf tournament that began in 1990. This year’s event will take place July 10 through 14 at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Lake Tahoe, Nev.

Dreyer, who also participated in last year’s tournament, has her eye on the calendar as the event inches closer. As she noted in her Saturday, June 1 Instagram video, the championship is “about a month away,” which means her husband, Brian Fichera, is now “training hard as my caddy.”

“Caddying for me is a lot of work!!” the meteorologist joked.

The video began with a view of Dreyer’s forest green caddy bib featuring the name of the championship beneath her surname. The video then showed Fichera tossing the bib over his head and tying it on before heading outside to begin his “training.”

Throughout the dramatized video, Fichera used a rake to even out a stretch of sand—a task that appeared to leave him winded—checked the wind conditions, practiced repeatedly picking up and setting down a set of golf clubs and rehearsed his bartender skills by mixing a generous vodka cocktail.

It was “the best video you’ve done yet,” one fan decided as another agreed it was “hysterical.”

“He’s a hoot 😂great caddy 🙌,” one fan said of Fichera.

“Y’all are so funny and so everyday people,” another fan praised the couple.

Some fans said that Fichera is “the best,” while others said he is “very funny and creative.” One fan also laughed about his bartending skills, writing, “his ratio of his drink making😂.”

Others wished Dreyer luck as she prepared for the July tournament.

“This is hilarious,” one person wrote. “Keep up the good work…you’ll be great.”

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