Fans Are Divided After Video Shows Travis Kelce Acting Like a ‘Bully’ Ahead of Chiefs-Ravens Playoff Game

Travis Kelce

Football fans are debating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce's behavior after seeing the football star move Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker's helmet and football off of the field after he set up to practice near where Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was practicing throws during the AFC playoff pregame on Sunday, Jan. 28.

NFL correspondent James Palmer shared a clip of the moment on X (formerly Twitter), writing, "Travis Kelce told Justin Tucker he needed to move because their QB Patrick Mahomes had to warm up. So Kelce kicked his ball away and threw his helmet. 😂." Now, the internet is divided over who was really in the wrong.

"It’s his home field he can do whatever he wants," said one fan defending Tucker's actions, which led many to note that football teams are supposed to warm up only on their side of the field before a game.

However, kickers are the one position that serve as an exception to the rule, as one person wrote, "He is stretching before kicking. Kickers have the right to practice kicks on both sides of the field because of the wind."

Others immediately slammed Kelce for his actions, such as one who wrote, "Travis Kelce is a bully!" while some went the other direction and supported Kelce's energy, with a fan writing, "I like it. Let’s get testy."

"Looks like some veterans playing head games with each other," surmised someone else.

More of the interaction between Tucker, Mahomes and Kelce was shown in a different video from Palmer, revealing that Tucker appeared to place his kicker gear right in front of or next to the Chiefs practicing, with Mahomes also seen kicking Tucker's gear aside.

Seeing this, a lot of football fans seem to come to the consensus that the players were egging each other on, with one succinctly stating, "Used to do this with opposing schools every pregame, it’s part of the game 😂💪."

"JT is setting up right next to him. It's a two way street. It's not that big of a deal they're just trying to get into each other's heads," read another comment, with a fan echoing it with the reply, "Psychological warfare 😂."

The debate continued, with fans from both teams saying that the other could've moved out of the way or arguing about other aspects of the situation, as the Chiefs and the Ravens went head to head on the field to settle it once and for all.

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