Fans Are Divided Over New Snack Inspired by Kraft Mac & Cheese

Kraft Mac & Cheese

The snacking world appears to be divided over a new product already available for purchase online.

The fan-favorite macaroni and cheese flavor has inspired several snacks over the years, including gummy candies, ice cream and even candy canes over the holidays.

That list is now expanding to include an all-new flavor of popcorn, according to Snackolator. In a Saturday, June 8 post on Instagram, the food blogger explained that Kraft’s latest collaboration is with The Popcorn Factory, now selling bags of the cheese-covered popcorn online.

A product listing on The Popcorn Factory’s website shows that 5-ounce bags of Kraft Mac & Cheese Popcorn are available in packs of three at a listed price of $19.99. The air-popped popcorn features “the flavors of Kraft Mac & Cheese” by mixing butter and a special “seasoning reminiscent of the rich, cheesy powder you’ve come to love.”

Though the Kraft Mac & Cheese Popcorn may make it onto grocery store shelves at some point, Snackolator reported that the snack is, for now, only available online.

Food blogger Markie Devo, who also previewed the new popcorn flavor on Instagram last week, said the new treat might be available at “select stores nationwide” soon.

Though both food bloggers appeared excited by the new popcorn flavor, fans who left comments on their posts were divided.

“It sounds like it'd either be good af or nasty with no in between,” one unconvinced fan wrote.

“Ewww that definitely sounds fricken disgusting to me both dudes and dudettes!!” another Instagram user said.

“Wonder how this will be different from the other cheese flavored popcorn?” one person wanted to know.

Despite some fans’ uncertainty, others seemed thrilled for an opportunity to test it out.

“The SPEED at which I immediately started looking into buying this😂,” one person wrote as another said they “Need this!”

“I don’t need to try it first, SEND ME A CASE,” one Instagram user declared.

“Bought it, no questions asked. 🔥❤️😂,” another fan said.

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