Fans Dig Up Ed and Donna Kelce’s High School Yearbook Photos—and Think Jason and Travis Are Their ‘Mini-Mes’

Fans of this NFL season’s most popular football family are saying that Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce look just like their parents did when they were younger.

We’ve seen several throwback photos of Travis, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Jason, a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, over the last few months. Now fans are digging up some old high school yearbook photos showing what their parents, Donna and Ed Kelce, looked like when they were teenagers.

One Reddit user who shared a side-by-side photo of Ed and Donna suggested Jason looks like Ed’s “mini-me” and Travis looks like Donna’s. The Redditor posted the combined photo for fans of New Heights, the podcast that Travis and Jason co-host, to discuss.

The post drew mixed reactions from the New Heights fanbase, with some agreeing that each NFL player looked just like one of their parents and others suggesting they look more like a blend of Donna and Ed.

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Some Redditors said each son “for sure” looks like a Donna or Ed “mini-me." One person wrote that Jason “definitely has his Dad’s eyes and Travis has his Mom’s.”

“Jason and his dad have the exact same jaw shape it’s wild,” another person said.

One Redditor who said they watch video recordings of New Heights said that, after seeing Jason and Travis next to each other on a screen, they believe the brothers look “A LOT alike.”

“Same eyes, nose and cheeks,” they added. “Jason has a square jawline (Hi Ed!) and Travis has a more pointed chin (Hi Donna!) Of course hair color is different - but scarily the same person nose up.”

But others disagreed and said their assessment of the parents’ old yearbook photos suggested the sons were “the perfect blend of both parents.”

“Yea I’m not seeing a carbon copy of either parent for either son,” one Redditor said. “But they are a great mix.”

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“I see a lot of Travis in Ed,” one person wrote, and another agreed that the photos “show decidedly different noses,” with Travis’ looks possibly leaning ”more toward ‘mommy.’”

The throwback yearbook photos resurfaced about one year after the Chiefs played the Eagles in the 2023 Super Bowl—and ahead of Kelce's return to the Super Bowl with the Chiefs on Feb. 11. The 2023 game marked the first time two brothers competed in the Super Bowl on opposing teams, leading some fans to dig into the archives for old photos of the family, including Ed’s old high school yearbook photo.

Months after that family Super Bowl matchup, Donna also shared some family photos with the genealogy database Ancestry and spoke with the website about her family history.

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