Fans Demand Wendy’s Bring Latest Overseas Frosty Release to the U.S.

Wendy’s Frosty desserts

Some of the offerings at Wendy's locations abroad are making American fans of the fast food chain "jealous."

On Instagram, some new releases reportedly available at Wendy's Philippines surfaced on the food blogger account, Snackolator. Social media users now wonder if some options will make their way stateside.

According to the upload, shared on Sunday, March 10, "Wendy's in the Philippines is showing how the Frosty cold brew/frappe line should be."

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It further describes the new beverage and ice cream items, divulging, "You can get a Frosty Coffee, Frostyccinos in chocolate and vanilla, and then my favorite items: a Strawberry & Cream Frappe, Kit Kat Frappe, and Coffee Jelly Frappe."

The note added: "I know I whine about this constantly, but how great would it be if Wendy's starting bringing some basic mix-ins for their Frosty, Frosty Cold Brew, and maybe even... Frosty Sundaes (they did test the sundaes!)."

In the comment section, customers jokingly wondered, "Those look so good im jealous. Why does American Wendy's hate us?" as a response to why the menu options aren't being brought to the United States.

"Why are we so boring," another inquired, as a third asked, "Why does American fast food places have better menus in different countries? 😭"

"BRING THIS TO THE USA 🇺🇸 we usa get boring food and drinks," someone else lamented, as another person exclaimed, "American doesn't have the best of everything!!!"

Meanwhile, two other Instagram users simply admired the sweet treats, writing, "strawberry and cream frappe 🤤" and "Looks delicious 😍."

While there is no telling if the delectables will ever be available in the U.S., here's to hoping that the chain takes a hint from social media and contemplates giving the U.S. a chance at them!

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